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National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
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Explained: Top 7 most popular and profitable hyper casual games

Interested in diving into the world of online gaming – or just using it as the backbone of your advertising efforts? Here are some of today’s most popular, money-making games

Interested in diving into the world of online gaming – or just using it as the backbone of your advertising efforts? Here are some of today’s most popular, money-making games

Are you a gamer? You might not think that you are, but if you play on your phone, you are!

The truth is, most people play some kind of mobile or digital games with at least some regularity. According to some reports, more than a third of the world's population plays mobile games at least weekly. Given the fact that just over half of the total population owns a cellphone, some simple math demonstrates that nearly seventy percent of people who own a use it to play games. Wow!

What type of games are these people playing? The variety is endless. The pandemic of 2020 and the lockdowns that continue in some areas even now have encouraged people to pass time in ways other than going out to public places, making a safe and enjoyable pastime. As such, the gaming industry has seen major gains in the number and variety of games available in an effort to suit the preferences and skill levels of everyone. One type of game that can already do this, though, is .

What are Hyper Casual Games?

Hyper casual games are simple games that are mostly visual and are easy to understand and jump right into playing. They are great for gamers of every age and skill level and do not require a lot of commitment to play or comprehend. They've become the preferred game type for many demographics and are enjoying even more success in recent months as a result of social distancing. Casino games are immensely popular because of their attractive interface among virtual gamers. Both virtual gamers and iGaming fans often choose popular casino gaming platforms such as to play their favourite online games. People need something to do during quarantine, and gaming has stepped up to fill that void!

Why Do People Love Hyper Casual Games?

There are so many reasons to love hyper casual games. These games are playable by just about anyone, and even language barriers often don't get in the way of a good time as they might with more complicated games.

Just a few of the reasons so many people download these games every day include:

  • You can play these games right on your cell phone, without downloading new software or buying new technology.
  • The game controls are simple and straightforward. Tutorials are not typically necessary.
  • The game sessions typically last just one minute or less.
  • All of these games are highly addictive and so much fun!

Because of all of these factors, hyper casual gaming has taken hold of the population in a big way. While many of the people who play these games wouldn't really consider themselves “gamers”, by definition, they are! And with hyper casual games being downloaded at such rapid rates around the world, it's easy to see how the gaming industry has grown so much in just the last few years.

What are these casual gamers downloading? The answer is likely on this list, or some of the millions of related games that are currently ruling the mobile download charts. Here are seven of the most popular ones worldwide, in no particular order:

Rise Up

This is a simple balloon game. The balloon rises toward the top of the screen continually as your frame of vision also rises. You'll be tasked with protecting the balloon as it rises. The simple graphics and muted color palette of this game make gameplay feel relaxing and fun.

Helix Jump

This game, like many hyper casual games, is addictively simple. It involves turning an axel around a central pike, allowing the ball to drop from one level to the next. Careful, though! It can easily fall in the wrong place and you'll be heading back to the starting screen for another try! Maybe that's why so many people can't seem to put this smash-hit game down once they've picked it up!

Crowd City

Again, simple graphics are the hallmark of this game, which involves directing a small crowd through a city. As the crowd passes other people, the size of the group grows – along with the difficulty of keeping them under control.

Fun Race 3D

Have you ever run an obstacle course – or watched other people survive one on television? If you'd rather play without all the physical exertion, this game is for you. Navigate an obstacle course with bright colors and simple graphics – and try again when you get knocked down.

Crossy Road

Games like this one have been popular for decades, and this particular version has been going strong on the mobile download charts for seven years now! A simple game of helping a character cross busy roads, it's a classic that players of any age can appreciate and enjoy.

Grass Cut

You know those visually satisfying lines you see in freshly cut grass? Imagine making those from the comfort of your couch or on your lunch break at work. With this game, you do exactly that. Control the clipping device and trim the grass, but watch out for fragile objects which can get in the way.

Jelly Jump

Love the satisfying wiggle of jellies? This game is for you! Your jelly has realistic physics as it shakes and wiggles through bounces and drops through various levels. The satisfaction of that wiggle, alone, keeps many people coming back to this one again and again.

Which Games Should I Download?

With so many games available these days, you might be wondering what to download or whether you can see reviews and consumer feedback for yourself before making decisions. Thankfully, there are plenty of gaming review websites and forums that serve exactly that purpose.

These forums may be offshoots of other popular websites or operate as standalone sites. They offer theme-specific feedback for certain types of games. For example, if you're looking for casino-style games, you can find a platform you can trust at These types of sites help consumers navigate the saturated market and make the best decisions about where to spend their money or phone memory space.

What are your favorite types of games? No matter what your answer is, chances are, there are plenty of options for fast, fun, and even free mobile games that will make passing the time a whole lot more enjoyable!

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National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023

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