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How to choose best gaming smartphone in 2021

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While having the latest will allow you to do almost anything such as studying, working, interacting socially, or even gaming, among others, some of the phones will be greater at performing some tasks than others. This is especially true for gaming, where factors like performance, screen resolution, refresh rate, battery, and cooling system matter a lot.

Statistics show a massive surge in mobile gaming, as highlighted in this Spin Casino India article. The article even projects daily mobile use will eclipse television viewing by more than 30 minutes. It also highlights why mobile gaming is becoming ever popular, with factors such as convenience, wide selection of games, access, and hyper-casual gaming being the main attraction.

Read on if you are interested in investing in the best smartphone for playing mobile games.

What to look for in a gaming smartphone in 2021?

While you can play most mobile games with a modern smartphone, some of the games being developed nowadays are very demanding and require a powerful device to run at their optimal graphics settings. You will want a smartphone that runs at high refresh rates, such as 120 HZ or 144 HZ, to play your games smoothly.

High refresh rates enhance the accuracy of the gestures you make on your screen, especially when playing FPS titles, which means you can precisely hit your targets at the right timing. An ideal will also have an efficient cooling system to prevent your device from overheating, especially when playing battery-intensive games.

What are the currently available gaming smartphones?

When choosing which smartphone model will be ideal for gaming, it is recommended to compare the numerous reviews by gaming experts online. The Asus ROG Phone 5 has been receiving great reviews as the best gaming smartphone in the market so far. It is a powerful phone with 16GB RAM, a refresh rate of 144HZ, and its 6000 mAh battery means you can play your most demanding games for longer without sacrificing much of your battery power.

The resolution of its 144 HZ screen runs fluidly, while the battery charges faster at 65 Watts. It also has the option of bypassing the charger and connecting your phone directly to the mains. This means that you can still continue playing your games and charge your battery at a later time. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you should consider RedMagic 5S.

It uses a Snapdragon 865 chipset makes it efficient in controlling the temperature of your battery to avoid overheating. Its screen also runs at a resolution of 144 HZ, which means greater fluidity when playing games. It has a battery capacity of 4,500 mAh, meaning you can play your games for longer. Other smartphones you may want to look out for with positive online reviews include the Lenovo Legion Duel, Realme X50, and OnePlus 8T, among others.

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