Sunday, May 19, 2024
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics

How to Submit an Article to Tech Observer

Tech Observer accepts byline/author articles from senior industry leaders, government officials, CIOs, CISOs, CHROs and CXOs. The articles can be submitted by any organisation or individual but it should have some element of technology in it as we cover technology intervention in different sectors.

Guidelines for submission

  • The article should be exclusive: Do not share published/copied/old articles including an article published on company’s/client blog page.
  • The article is not advertorial, so keep it independent and unbiased.
  • No hyperlinks to your products or pages; however, you can add hyperlinks to references, if any, in your article.
  • Any info, taken from other sources, should be properly attributed.
  • Please refrain from submitting articles generated by AI, such as those created by ChatGPT or any other software. Doing so could affect not only the acceptance of your current submission, but may also impact the acceptance of your future articles.
  • Author: We will need a high resolution photo and brief bio of author to consider your submission.
  • Word Limit: Your submission can be between 600 to 1200 words.
  • Photo: Do share article related copyrights free photos (Optional)

You can send your submission to [email protected].

Terms & Conditions

  • Tech Observer will have full discretion on selection of the article/writer/blogger
  • Our decision in this regard will be final
  • There’s no remuneration for blogging/opinion writing
  • All article published on Tech Observer are fully vetted and edited by team of editors. We reserver the right to edit all your submission.