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Tech ObserverArticleHow technology bolster security of online casinos and gambling websites

How technology bolster security of online casinos and gambling websites

The industry goes hand-in-hand with the latest technology and surely, technology has helped this industry be planted on where it is today. Online gambling is becoming more and more popular with people as this makes casino games easier to access and conveniently played.

The online gambling sector has enjoyed many benefits from technological advancements like the virtual and augmented reality technology and even artificial intelligence. Mobile technology has also ensured that the online casino sector will be able to reach more people from around the world.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to play Android slot games in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, or anywhere you are with your mobile device like a laptop or even your smartphone. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home just so you can play your favorite casino game. Transactions online are simply becoming digital.

Speaking of transactions, we still don’t want you to ignore that transacting online pose risks even if licensed online casinos are generally safe to transact with. Many fraudulent activities still happen online and what’s good is that technology has also helped the online casino sector deal with this. Here is a list of how technology has helped improve the security of online casinos and other online gambling sites.

Website Security

Websites nowadays take pride in data encryption which helps secure the transactions that people make on a website. To make sure that a site is secured, the first thing you can easily check is the padlock icon on the address bar once you’re on the website. When you click on the padlock icon, it would tell you that your connection is secure. It would also let you check the license and cookies that a website use.

The URL of a website is also something to take a look at. If a site uses ‘Https’ instead of ‘Http’, then the website is secured with an SSL Certificate. This means that all your data is secured as it is passed from your browser to the website’s server.

When it comes to security, technology surely plays an important role in the online gambling sector. Security software is used to make sure that a site is safe and that your transactions won’t get compromised. Back then, it was scary to transact online because online security wasn’t as strong before. However, nowadays, it’s generally safe. You just really need to make sure that you’re dealing with a licensed online casino.

Fair Gameplay

Part of secure online gambling is getting to play casino games that are fair to its players. Thanks again to technology, casino games online make use of software that makes every gameplay fair. Take for example the online slot machines.

Slot machines use a Random Number Generator or RNG to produce results that can’t be manipulated nor controlled. This is why playing online slot machines is based on pure luck. There is no way for you and even the operators to influence the results that you can get from a slot machine. This game is programmed to produce random results.

The same goes for table games or card games that need shuffling. You can only get random cards and there’s no way for you or the virtual dealer to select the cards that you will get. The RNG just really helps make sure that you only get random results. If you still don’t trust the system, you can choose to play live dealer games wherein a live dealer is the one who will be shuffling cards instead.

Payment Security

When we talk about online transactions, it’s usually about making a payment. For online casinos and online casino players, it’s about making a deposit to your gambling account and withdrawing your winnings.

Nowadays, online casinos offer different payment options that are most convenient and safe for the players. You have the option to transact with your debit or credit card, but if you don’t want to disclose your banking information, to casino sites, you can use digital wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Both digital wallets and cryptocurrencies are products of technological advancements in the digital payment sector. Digital wallets like and are platforms that add security to the transactions you make. They only partner up with casinos that are secured and license.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple are used by many online gamblers too because of convenience and security. When using any of these cryptos, you also don’t need to disclose your banking information. You only need a wallet address to be able to make a payment. You only need your wallet address to get your winnings too.

Overall, technology has helped make online gambling transactions secure for people around the world. Online security continues to improve as well. Online criminals are getting more creative when it comes to rolling out their crimes and this is why developing the security of casinos is non-stop.

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