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As payment systems evolve, it is essential for the platforms to simplify the process and render better user experiences for consumers, says Narsi Subramanian, Director, Growth, PayPal India.

PayPal launches OneTouch login on Android in India

This will allow consumers to register their Android device with PayPal and enable them to stay logged into the platform for all subsequent PayPal purchases on that device.
Facebook to nominate PayPal's Peggy Alford on its Board

Facebook to nominate PayPal’s Peggy Alford on its Board

Facebook is all set to nominate Peggy Alford, Senior Vice President, Core Markets of PayPal Holdings, Inc., for election to the company's board of directors at its annual meeting of stockholders slated to be held on May 30, 2019.
Paypal, Dark Web, Cybersecurity, Dark Web Market Price Index 2018

Paypal accounts attract highest prices on dark web: Dark Web Market Price Index 2018

You can get someone’s entire identity for as less as $1170 in USA. Paypal accounts attract the highest prices on the dark web of $247
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