Cox Automotive moves all IT infrastructure to AWS Cloud

Cox Automotive is already running several applications on AWS and will migrate the majority of its more than 20 brands—including Autotrader,, Dealertrack, Kelley Blue Book, Manheim, vAuto, and Xtime—to AWS.

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Sanjay Singh
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Amazon Web Services () said that is moving its all IT infrastructure to AWS cloud. Company informed that is already running several business-critical applications on AWS, and will migrate the majority of its more than 20 brands—including Autotrader,, Dealertrack, Kelley Blue Book, Manheim, vAuto, and Xtime—to AWS. By going all-in on AWS, will be able to close more than 40 data centers, and adopt modern delivery and operational best practices to become a more agile organisation.

In a statement AWS said, Cox Automotive is breaking down its various monolithic architectures using fully managed services such as Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), AWS Lambda, and Amazon Aurora. Additionally, it is testing new AWS services like Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) and AWS Fargate which will allow Cox Automotive to run containers without having to manage servers or clusters.

AWS said it is also enabling Cox Automotive to build a companywide, federated data lake on Amazon S3 that will collect data and surface insights across all of its brands to simplify processes, minimize friction, and enable the smart, connected, and enjoyable experience that all car buyers and sellers expect.

“The agility, flexibility, and breadth of functionality that AWS provides has enabled us to quickly migrate, innovate, and scale so that we’re able to meet the demands of our rapidly growing ecosystem and clients,” said Bryan Landerman, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Cox Automotive.

“Our goal is to modernize our existing products and deliver new cloud-based solutions to consignors, lenders, manufacturers, dealers, and consumers that make the car buying, selling, and owning processes easier than ever before,” he said.

“AWS empowers us to get to market quickly, massively scale, and expand our global footprint. We’ve already moved several core solutions to AWS including,, and our real-time advertising bid platform. In addition, we developed a vehicle valuation Alexa skill and have been able to rapidly prototype to advance our auction modernization strategy. And that’s just the beginning—we have big plans to drive more innovation as we continue to move the vast majority of our infrastructure to AWS,” he added.

“The process of buying, selling, and trading cars has been around for more than a century, but the landscape has dramatically changed. Top organisations in the space like Cox Automotive are embracing the change and using the cloud to transform their businesses,” said Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS.

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