January 22, 2021 8:45 pm

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Twitter acquires podcasting app Breaker

Twitter has acquired the podcasting app Breaker, according to a blog post by Breaker. In the post, Breaker also said that it is planning to shut down its website and app on iOS and Android on January 15. “Here at Breaker, we’re truly passionate about audio communication and we’re inspired by...

Digital Footprint in the age of Facebook, Twitter and Google: Here’s how you can manage it

Digital footprints left by you can be very wide but fortunately, now there are tools that can help you manage the quantity and type of information you share online.
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Twitter Moments launched in India for all users: Here’s how it works

The Explore Tab will feature Twitter Moments created by Curation team and Twitter partners across news, entertainment and sports categories
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Twitter expands character limit from 140 to 280 to all users; Here’s why

Social media giant Twitter has officially expanded its character count limit to 280 from 140 today. Now, all the users in all the supported languages including English would be able to tweet 280 character in one go.
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Theresa May govt proposes levy on tech firms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google for online safety plan

Theresa May government is mulling to levy on social media firms and internet providers to help fund its online safety strategy, designed to tackle bullying, abuse and other risks for children and vulnerable users.
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Facebook, Instagram faced outage, now, back to normal

Social media giant Facebook and its App Instagram faced outage on Saturday. The website was unavailable for some time in the evening, however like in the past Facebook services were restored immediately.
Traditional methods of gauging opioid misuse in an area rely on compiling reports from local emergency rooms and poison control call centers. (Photo/Agency)

Twitter to track opioid misuse: Here’s how

Researchers have found that social media platform like Twitter can be a useful tool to find out how widespread the misuse of a prescribed opioid drug is in a particular state or town.
WhatsApp down: WhatsApp has been restored after two hours of outages (Photo/Agency)

WhatsApp down: WhatsApp has been restored after two hours of outages

The popular messaging app WhatsApp was down for more than hours due to outages. The company has restored the messaging now

Twitter unveils live 360-degree video

Micro-blogging website Twitter has introduced a new way to see what is happening on Twitter — through live 360-degree video.
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