May 16, 2021 1:28 pm

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WhatsApp says not forcing users to accept new privacy policy update

Facing flack for its new privacy policy, WhatsApp told the Delhi High Court that it is not forcing any user to accept the 2021 update
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Biden revokes Trump order on limiting social media firms’ protections

U.S. President Biden on Friday revoked an executive order by former President Donald Trump that had directed regulators to limit liability protections for social media companies, reported news agency Reuters.

Twitter profile verification for public likely to restart from next week

Researcher Jane Manchum Wong on Twitter said that the social network is ready to launch its long-awaited new verification programme as soon as next week.
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Man killed wife for using TikTok and Likee apps

In Bangladesh southern district Bagerhat, a housewife has been killed by her husband for allegedly posting content over TikTok and Likee apps

Fact Check: Is Bangladesh govt recording everything on WhatsApp

A rumor that ‘the government is recording everything on WhatsApp' is spreading fast in Bangladesh. 
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Twitter toes Turkey’s lines, shows willingness to follow new Indian social media norms

The move assumes significance as the social media platform is at loggers head over similar norms in India
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Govt defines IT rules further, ‘social media platforms with 50 lakh users to fall in new IT code ambit

Social media companies with over fifty lakh users will have to adhere to additional obligations and compliance under the new IT rules
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India weighs options to counterbalance global tech giants with ‘desi opinion’ platform

With India becoming a global centre for technology consumption all global players under the government’s Digital India programme are invited to work for digital inclusion and digital delivery of services
From luxury to necessity, how smartphones change the way we use technology

From luxury to necessity, how smartphones change the way we use technology

We can say that smartphones' evolution came due to the speedy and steady improvement of technology from time to time.
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Twitter Moments launched in India for all users: Here’s how it works

The Explore Tab will feature Twitter Moments created by Curation team and Twitter partners across news, entertainment and sports categories
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