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Bangladesh: No MLM business in guise of e-commerce

Bangladesh’s Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi presided over the meeting held on the online platform on Tuesday. 

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Bangladesh’s Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi presided over the meeting held on the online platform on Tuesday. 

Dhaka — The coning multi-level marketing () or network business cannot be conducted under digital commerce in . This information was given at the meeting regarding the issuance of ‘Digital Commerce Management Guide-2021'.

Bangladesh's Commerce Minister presided over the meeting held on the online platform on Tuesday. The meeting was informed that drugs, explosives or any other prohibited items or services cannot be bought or sold under

Gambling or online betting or online gambling cannot be organized or participated in. Digital commerce companies will not be able to organize any kind of lottery without the prior approval of the government.

Noting that the government has formulated ‘Digital Commerce Management Guidelines 2021' for proper management of digital business. It was published in the Gazette on Sunday (July 4). The guidelines are finalized based on the views of the concerned ministries, government and non-government organizations and stakeholders, including the Ministry of Commerce.

This includes detailed information on displaying information on products and services for sale in the marketplace, buying and selling, general rules, presentation for sale of goods or services in the marketplace, product delivery, advance payment price adjustment and other issues that will be helpful to customers.

At the briefing, the Commerce Minister said that the word ‘no stock' should be clearly written on the side of the product if it is not under the control of the seller or the person or organization contracted with him.

The word ‘Available for Delivery' should be written instead of stock in the case of goods and services which cannot be expressed in daily commodities and food items or numbers.

In case of advance price collection, the products displayed must be at the ‘ready to ship' stage within the country. No more than 10 % of the price of the product can be accepted in advance in case of goods which are not in a condition to be delivered within 48 hours after receipt of full price.

He said up to 100 % advance can be accepted through the escrow service approved by Bangladesh Bank. The product must be handed over to the deliveryman or delivery company within 48 hours of the full price of the product displayed for sale, and the buyer must be notified by telephone, e-mail or SMS.

Tipu Munshi said if the full price of the product has been paid, the buyer and seller have to deliver within five days after receiving the purchase order if they are in the same city and within ten days if they are located in different city or village.

Perishable goods should be delivered as soon as possible and appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that there is no damage to the product during delivery. Any kind of declared discount must be implemented with the sales program. The cashback offer must be effective within 72 hours of payment.

Commerce Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh, Bangladesh Competition Commission Chairperson. Mofizul Isla, Bablu Kumar Saha, Director General, National Consumer Protection , Shami Kaiser, President, e-Cab spoke.

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