Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Personal computer manufacturers witness record sales during pandemic

The first trimester of 2021 has been nothing less than extraordinary for the manufacturers of personal computers. Since the begging of the year, more than 90 million computers have been sold all over the world.

This number translates to a 55% increase in sales, which is the best sales performance since 2012. The majority of the computer units that were sold were portable devices. More specifically, consumers bought almost 70 million laptops during the first three months of the year.

Chinese Manufacturers Took the Biggest Part of the 2021 Market Share

One out of four computers sold during the first trimester of 2021 were manufactured by Lenovo Group Ltd. The Chinese tech giants saw their sales soar, claiming 25.1% of the overall computer sales. Nevertheless, Lenovo was not the only player in the industry to see its sales grow immensely.

HP recorded an annual growth of 64%; Dell sold 23.5% more devices than last year, Acer doubled its sales compared to 2020, and Apple saw year-on-year growth of 105.2%. These figures are almost unbelievable, especially if one were to consider the difficulties distribution channels have had to deal with over the course of the year.

New Choices Encourage the Purchasing of New Devices

Everyday life has changed for the majority of people, as more and more things are being done via online channels. Professionals are opting for a more remote approach in terms of working, and individuals are switching from visiting amusement parks or casinos to playing games or to playing live blackjack at websites like Casino.com and consumers do their shopping through websites and applications.

Having to spend more time online naturally resulted in the need of upgrading one’s tech gear. Companies like Lenovo, Apple, and HP capitalized on the higher demand for new hardware, selling tens of millions of new devices in less than a hundred days.

Will This Selling Momentum Continue Throughout 2021?

Personal computers have always recorded steady sales patterns, as many activities require going online or using specific software. However, seeing computers sell like crazy during a period when consumers think twice before spending money is something that caught both the retailers as well as the manufacturers by surprise. The computer sales figures of the first trimester of 2021 are giving strong indications that the tech hardware market will continue to hit new records in terms of sales.

The Computer Is Just One of the Tech Products with Record High Sales

Portable computers are great as they give users the ability to take care of business from anywhere, but they are not the only option people have when it comes to going online. Smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches provide similar solutions, and because of that, their sales have also gone up.

Apple’s iPhone 12 has given the Cupertino firm a lot of reasons to be happy about as more than 12 million devices are being sold every month. Samsung and Xiaomi have recorded similar records, generating billions in profit. As for the future, things are only going to get better, as the mobile market is expecting a sales boost the moment 5G connectivity goes mainstream.


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