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What should you be doing to prepare for The Burning Crusade

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Classic WoW fans rejoice – is coming soon. In just a few short days, we'll have an answer to the question “when will The Burning Crusade (TBC) launch?”. Classic WoW fans worldwide have been asking this question since Activision Blizzard sent out a survey in early 2020. This survey asked players whether they would play on a Classic TBC server and how they wanted Blizzard to handle the progression from Classic to Classic TBC.

Subsequent leaks confirmed that TBC is definitely coming, but the last piece of the puzzle was when. Well, this mystery is about to be solved. On February 19 and 20, Blizzard is hosting an online convention called . This convention is a replacement for BlizzCon 2020, scheduled to happen in November 2020 but had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Should You Be Prepping for TBC?

Yes, you absolutely should. And if you haven't started already, then start today. Make no mistake, TBC will be coming, and likely sooner than you think. We're now in phase 6 of Classic WoW, and most players have experienced everything they planned to during this phase.


With TBC comes new professions like and new skill levels for existing professions. While you won't be able to unlock the new levels before TBC's launch, you can start gathering the materials you need for new crafting recipes. The beauty of Classic WoW expansions is that we already know what's coming. Plenty of recipes in TBC require old-world items, so if you know you want to focus on a specific profession, it's time to start collecting those materials now.


Collect Truesilver, Mithril, Thorium Ore, and gems like Aquamarine, Tigerseye, Moss Agate. You can even collect more expensive materials like Azerothian Diamonds and Arcane crystals. As a general rule, if it's a rock or a , you're probably going to need it in TBC.


If you plan on picking up Tailoring, focus on gathering old-world items like Silk, Mageweave, and Runecloth.


While not the most popular profession, Leatherworking does have massive utility in TBC due to the Drums crafted-consumable. Drums create a short area of effect spell around the drummer, which can be used to affect close-by party members. Depending on the Drum, party members can enjoy increased attack power and spell damage, increase movement speed, force five enemies to flee, and more. If you plan on running with Leatherworking in TBC, start collecting Heavy Leather, Light Leather, Thick Leather, and so on.


Focus on gathering Icecap, Golden Sansam, Gromsblood, and Ghost Mushroom.

What Professions Should You be Focusing On?

With a new expansion comes new demand in the economy. You might find that while your profession was a big money-maker in Classic WoW, it's lacking in TBC. Tailoring and Alchemy are considered the most profitable professions in TBC. Alchemists can make huge amounts of gold from transmuting and selling elixirs.

Making Gold

We won't lie to you; you need a hefty amount of gold to get on your feet in TBC. Learning to fly is eye-wateringly expensive. In TBC, there are two flying skills available to you, Expert and Artisan. Expert flying will set you back 900 gold to learn the skill and another 100 gold for the mount. And this is for 60% mount speed (the same as normal mount speed, only in the air). For most players, this is going to feel slow when travelling across the vast expanses of Outland. If you want to supercharge your flying, you'll need the Artisan skill, which costs a massive 5000 gold and 200 gold for the mount. If you can grind the gold, Artisan flying is worth it because it gets you to a whopping 280% speed.

Needless to say, grinding this much gold on top of buying the other items in WoW Classic you need is a massive time commitment. If you don't have the time or will, there is another option. You can buy Classic WoW gold online at Here you can find WoW gold for competitive prices on your server.

Another option is farming the profession materials and selling them on the Auction House to other players who are prepping. There's some debate about when is the best time to do this. Many players argue that just because the launch of the new expansion is the best time to sell because this is when everyone is in full prep mode. In the weeks before the launch of TBC, players are no longer going to be focusing on Classic WoW goals. Other people argue that just after launch is the best time to start selling. Why? Because there will probably be a population spike with many more players coming back to the .

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