Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Behavioural analytics to endpoint can boost public sector capability to thwart cyber attacks: VMware’s Neha Dhyani

To create awareness among public sector organisations and promote the use of modern technology for strengthening cybersecurity framework, Tech Observer magazine, in association with VMware and SISL, organised a special webinar focused on “Building Resilient Security in New Normal.”

During an hour-long presentation and live demo, Neha Dhyani, Senior Solution Engineer, SBU, VMware India, presented a broad overview of cybersecurity trends and explained how public sector organisations could create resilient security with the help of VMware Carbon Black.

She said that VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud-native endpoint and workload protection platform that combines the intelligent system hardening and behavioural prevention needed to keep emerging threats at bay, using a single lightweight agent and an easy-to-use console.

“By analysing more than 1 trillion security events per day, VMware Carbon Black Cloud proactively uncovers attackers’ behaviour patterns and empowers defenders to detect and stop emerging attacks,” she said, adding that as a key means to realising intrinsic security, Carbon Black Cloud simplifies and strengthens public sector organisations approach to security across any app, any cloud, and any device.

Stating that there has been a steep increase in a ransomware attack during the pandemic, she said that next-generation AV prevention and behavioural-based prevention have a crucial role in mitigating the risk.

Replying to a question on the role of security operation centres for public sector organisation, she said that be it big or small organisations, security is critical for all, so a robust security operation centre will be a great enabler for bolstering security.

“We need to empower our security team with tools and technology that can increase their visibility from edge to data centre. Security is a complex subject for most of the security team. And that’s why Carbon Black offers simple, automated, but robust solutions that an in-house SOC team can easily manage.

The webinar witnessed the participation of over 100 public sector leaders from across the country.

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