Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Huawei wows to share 5G technology globally, tech to push innovations across India

Amid tension across Indo-Sino border across LAC, the Chinese telecom giant Huawei has offered to transfer 5G technology including the source code, hardware design secrets globally to facilitate innovations across the Indian subcontinent.

Huawei holds the maximum number of patents for 5G technology and is followed by US chipmaker Qualcomm, according to industry reports.

“We are open to transferring all of our 5G technologies, not just licensing production to others. This will include source programmes and source code to all the hardware design secrets as well as the know-how, and the chip design,” Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said at the opening ceremony of the intelligent innovation lab in Taiyuan.

The United States, Australia, the and some European countries that have barred Huawei equipment alleging security threat from them.

Calling for open trade policies, Zhengfei said, “Both the US and China need to develop their economies, as this is good for our society and financial balance. Everyone needs this. As humanity keeps making progress, no company can develop a globalized industry alone. It requires concerted efforts around the world.”

The Indian government has also proposed telecom companies to keep source code, the main software that controls the function of equipment, in an escrow account for security purposes.


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