Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Oracle APEX low-code platform now available as a managed cloud service

Oracle said that it is making available its low-code service for developers for quickly developing and deploying data-driven enterprise applications as a managed cloud service.

Offered through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the fully managed, browser-based service called APEX Application Development helps developers create web apps for desktops and mobile devices using an intuitive graphical interface, said the company.

While the original APEX platform was only available as part of the Oracle Database, APEX Application Development is available as a standalone service and works with various applications.

Starting at a cost of $360 per month, the APEX service supports unlimited applications across over 500 users and elastically scales as additional capacity is needed.

“Oracle is investing heavily in our developer communities in areas like open source contributions, developer events, educational programs, free hands-on labs, and the Oracle Cloud Free Tier,” said Andrew Mendelsohn, executive vice president, database server technologies, Oracle.

“Our new APEX service reinforces our commitment to maintain and expand our APEX developer community,” Mendelsohn continued.

Oracle APEX has been available since 2004, and APEX applications are being used by tens of millions of users worldwide, including 500,000 developers, 50,000 customers, and more than 150 partners.

The APEX service is also pre-configured with Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) and SQL Developer Web. Developers can utilize ORDS to create custom REST APIs against their application data and SQL Developer Web to compose SQL queries and graphically model data.

The company said that if the requires traditional coding against the database beyond what can be done in APEX, then with one click, developers can upgrade the service to a full Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database with Oracle APEX that supports the full Oracle Database client APIs, SQL*Net, and Autonomous Data Guard.

The company also announced on Wednesday that Oracle Database 21c, the latest version of the converged database, is available on Oracle Cloud, including the ‘Always Free’ tier of Oracle Autonomous Database.

Oracle Database 21c contains more than 200 new innovations, providing support for multi-model, multi-workload, and multi-tenant requirements all within a single, modern converged database engine.

“Oracle Database 21c continues our strategy of delivering the world’s most powerful converged database engine,” said Mendelsohn.


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