Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Andhra Pradesh partners with Survey of India for digital-powered land resurvey

The Andhra Pradesh government has partnered with Survey of India for technology and training support for the digital land survey – Jagananna BhooHakku-BhooRaksha – that will be conducted in the state, according to two recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The government said that measurements of each land parcel in all of the 17,340 villages in the state, both agricultural and non-agricultural, will be ascertained and recorded digitally with the help of drones, rovers and mapping technology.

According to Surveyor General of India Lt. Col. Girish Kumar, this is the first-of-its-kind comprehensive land survey in the country. “Survey of India will impart training to the staff of the state unit by setting up an exclusive institute in Tirupati. The map of each land parcel will represent the actual measurements even up to 1-2 centimetres. This kind of advanced technology is being used for the first time in the world in a government survey,” he said.

The Survey of India will support the project in 4 stages — setting up of geo-tech infrastructure, providing drones and rovers, training the staff and creating digital maps. More than 14,000 state government surveyors will be trained in the use of geo-tech technology. The central agency had already set up its state unit in Visakhapatnam. 

Neerab Kumar Prasad, Special Chief Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Government and CCLA, said, “The entire process of land surveying this time will be completely different from what it used to be all these years. For the first time in India, the land owners will be given a title deed for their land along with a map and village record in digital format, along with a passbook.”

The land resurvey project being taken up for Rs 986 crore will start on December 21 and will be completed by June 2023, Prasad added. 

He informed that 5,000 villages out of the total 17,340 in the state will be selected in the first phase. He further appealed to the people to cooperate with the personnel when the survey is taken up in their village.

P Usharani, Revenue Principal Secretary said that the resurvey of lands in the state is being taken up after 100 years and it will resolve all the disputes related to land measurements and ownership rights once and for all.

“The government is in the process of enacting the Land Titling Act which will enable the issuance of title deeds to landowners. Once the boundaries are determined after the survey, government stones will be erected to avoid any future dispute over the measurements,” she added.


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