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Parimatch partners with DAN.IT to create world-class technology academy

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is looking to nurture and harness upcoming developer talent with the creation of the Parimatch Tech Academy, in conjunction with the Israeli centre for innovative information technology (IT) education .

The education program will offer IT courses free of charge to talented people wishing to pursue a career in programming and development. The academy provides successful applicants with the chance to study technology and development through hands-on participation in real, ongoing projects.

These kinds of academic programs are extremely attractive because of the chance to learn a new skill or expand an existing one while earning a basic salary and having the potential to gain full-time employment, especially with more and more of the world starting to work from home. Because of this, Parimatch Tech Academy would've received some strong applicants, and the company can cherry-pick its next intake of developers from that crowd. It's a win-win all around.

On top of that, Parimatch is an inciting company for prospective job seekers because the company is a hi-tech research and development centre that has a globally recognisable brand. They secured this status by creating partnerships with some of the biggest personalities and teams in sports and gaming. In football, they partnered with Serie A champions Juventus to create unparalleled entertainment experiences and they have a similar deal with APOEL FC in the Cypriot First Division.

The company is also active in a variety of fields, including business, sport, and technology. This diversity means the range of skills to learn, and potential career opportunities are extensive.

They have also joined forces with legendary fighters Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson to align themselves with the best and ensure they are able to create quality content that excites audiences and enhances their experience.

“This is about Parimatch dedicating itself to be the best in the world, and that is why I put my name on the product as I am also dedicated to being the best in the world,” Tyson said about his relationship with the company.

Its sportsbook includes more than 20 sports, 200 leagues in 60 countries across the world, encompassing around 600 sporting events every day, many of which are streamed live on Parimatch's platforms. The truly global scale of the company means Parimatch is available in India, Russia, the Eurozone, and many other major markets.

Students will move through three distinct phases of training over a course designed to be completed in six months from start to finish. The first phase will teach students the basics of working within a team and the importance of communication with their peers. This is done within the backdrop of learning Parimatch Tech's specific way of operating.

The second stage is where the students are introduced to coding and the logic of programming. It is at this point where students will be able to choose which programming language they want to specialise in, out of options including .Net, JavaScript, Native Android, and Native . This part of the course is expected to take about two and a half months.

The final phase is an exciting one for prospective programmers. It includes a paid internship and the chance to work on and directly contribute to one of Parimatch Tech's ongoing IT products. This part will also last around two and a half months. The real kicker is that the top-performing students will be offered a job to carry on their work with the company.

The teaching faculty will involve experienced specialists from within Parimatch Tech's existing staff, so students will be learning how to succeed at Parimatch Tech as much as they are learning to become good programmers. DAN.IT will review the programs created as well as the methods and tools used by the students during training, and the quality of teaching provided.

Since there is no financial barrier to joining the academy, the selection criteria instead involved several stages of the application process. Applications were open for submission between 12-29 October, from there chosen individuals were invited to write an online test between 2-5 November. The test was followed by a brief programming test and online face-to-face interviews with leading candidates on 6 November. From this process, the Parimatch Tech Academy chose 100 students for the program.

The timing of the launch of this academy could not have been better as companies increasingly face competition to attract the best development talent. It will give Parimatch a massive advantage over its competition because top prospects will come directly to them, rather than having to dig them out of a haystack.

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