Indeed launches ‘Career Guide’ in India for job seekers
Career Guide section is a repository of information on all facets of the job search process, said Indeed. (Photo: Agency)

In a bid to ease the search for an employment opportunity, online job portal has launched ‘’ section in its online portal in India, where job seekers can find information about jobs and careers.

The company claimed that its Career Guide section is a repository of information on all facets of the process, ranging from how to choose a career, to how to ace interview questions, to negotiating salaries, among other topics, that is available completely free of cost to job seekers.

Through various articles and videos categorized as per the different stages in a candidate’s journey while seeking a job, Career Guide seeks to empower job seekers and help them get their dream job.

The platform will provide a detailed approach, beginning with explaining what an elevator pitch is, and the advantages it offers in setting expectations and communicating what one has to offer; followed by a step-by-step technique on creating your own personal elevator pitch. This is further supplemented by multiple examples set to different contexts, such as job interviews, seeking mentorship, networking, and so on.

Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India, said, “Embarking on a new career or navigating the professional landscape can often be daunting, especially when there is no one to assuage your fears. Understanding job seeker needs during various phases at work, we seek to provide a one-stop solution for career development and job search advice for the Indian job seeker.”

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