Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Avishkaar co-founder Pooja Goyal

India needs more women innovators to motivate young girls to pursue STEM: Pooja Goyal

While there is much to be celebrated about the increased awareness among parents and teachers for STEM, there is still a gap in providing the right environment and tools to aid young innovators, says Avishkaar co-founder Pooja Goyal.
Coverfox CEO Premanshu Singh

We aim to provide insurance without any human intervention: Coverfox CEO Premanshu Singh

In an exclusive interview with, Coverfox CEO Premanshu Singh says that his company is aiming to evolve its product to a level that human interaction should come only if it is absolutely necessary

Our goal is to provide insurance without any human intervention, says InsurTech firm Coverfox CEO Premanshu Singh

100% of two-wheeler insurance is sold without any human intervention and 70% of our car insurance is sold with less than 1 minute of talk time, says Coverfox CEO Premanshu Singh.
Sheldon Monteiro, SVP and CTO, SapientRazorfish

Digital transformation means getting into brand new territories with technology

From being the commodity that fuels back office to now being the medium in which brands talk to their customers - there has been a significant shift in the way technology is consumed, thanks to Digital Transformation
Digital Senate
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