AOP app for Amazon Alexa is free to download.
AOP app for Amazon Alexa is free to download. (Photo: Agency)

Mumbai-based which deals in voice solutions has launched an Android-based App called ‘’ which lets users access Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa on the go.

AOP has been developed to help people access Alexa even when they are away from home or office where they usually access Alexa through Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers.

AOP app is free to download and to use, a user just need to login with their Amazon ID. The App is available in multiples languages including Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian and English.

The company said that millions of people use Amazon’s Alexa at home or work but when they are on the go, say while at a coffee shop or transiting between two places, they may have a void moment where they can invoke their favourite voice assistant to get things done or add things to shopping basket or add a crucial reminder and so on. AOP App aims to bridge this gap by making Alexa available on Android phones.

For this app, the company has closely worked with Amazon’s Alexa teams including ASK (Alexa skills kit) and AVS (Alexa voice services. Agrahyah is among the handful of recommended agency by Amazon for Alexa Skills development in India.

Sreeraman Thiagarajan, Co-founder, Agrahyah Technologies said, “Increasingly people are using Alexa at home and getting used to the comfort of getting things done from a virtual voice assistant, and we wanted to empower people with a choice where they can summon Alexa independent of a devices tethered to a wall socket”

User can visit Google Playstore to download the beta version of app for free. Once a user has the app, they need to login with Amazon Account and start using Alexa Skill through AOP app.

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