Adidas India relies on Oracle Cloud for Digital Transformation of PoS Infrastructure
The cloud upgrade was completed by Oracle’s Cloud Standard and Platinum partner Sunera Tech. (Rep Image)

Adidas India said that it has recently upgraded its franchise point-of-sale systems to Cloud Infrastructure. The cloud upgrade was successfully completed by ’s Cloud Standard and Platinum partner . Now, the company is able to ensure a faster, smoother checkout process for its in-store customers Adidas India said it is leveraging cloud technology to provide a new shopping experience for its customers. With Cloud, Adidas India customers will be able to complete the shop-bill-checkout process three times faster than earlier at any of the Adidas stores across the country.

“At Adidas, a key priority is to ensure customers have a great experience at every touchpoint, online or offline. We wanted a stable cloud infrastructure for our franchise point of sale solution and after due diligence, we decided the Oracle + Sunera combine was the best option. Our store staff are now able to focus more on the delivery experience instead of spending more time to manage the billing process,” said Vishal Kapil, Director-IT, Adidas India.

The business benefits are starting to show, with Adidas India already achieving three times more performance efficiencies with zero downtime and significant cost savings. The company is now looking to further improve the in-store billing process as well as boost overall sales.

“A robust cloud infrastructure is now a business imperative for the retail industry, as it helps businesses respond quickly to change. It also significantly cuts the deployment time for new products and services. Oracle’s proven, next-generation cloud infrastructure is the preferred choice for several leading Indian retail companies. We are delighted to see how our technology is helping Adidas improve their customer experience journey,” said Sheela Nambiar, Senior Director – Oracle Digital, Oracle India.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is an essential part of any progressive cloud IT strategy. According to a recent survey by Oracle, the proportion of Indian businesses reaping the rewards of embracing cloud infrastructure services has increased significantly in the last few quarters, with around half of the survey respondents believing in the world-class availability, uptime, and speed it delivers.

Infrastructure is a set of complementary cloud services, including compute, storage and networking that enable organisations to build and run a wide range of applications and high-performance workloads.

“As Oracle’s strategic partner, we delivered a stable, secure, highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure environment to Adidas India, ensuring seamless cloud migration and zero disruption to the business. We look forward to partner Oracle in further addressing Adidas India’s future cloud needs,” said Anil Thalakera, COO, Sunera Tech.

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