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What are the keys to success in IIT JEE exam; Check tips, tricks and reference book

The cat is out of the bag and many are trying these tricks to get through the hurdle in one jump. You have been looking for this. Here are the so called secret methods of clearing IIT JEE

IIT JEE is a tough nut to crack for sure but it is not impossible. It is just different and difficult at the same time. The preparation requires a thorough understanding of each of the topics of your class 11th and 12th. If you have understood your topics well in the classroom, the further path will get easier. Yes, it is indeed very different in terms of the format when compared to the boards. In your boards, you will have to depend on your memory too because you also get long answer type questions. Entrance is, however, in a different league. It requires an understanding of each of the concepts and being able to solve every question that comes your way.

There is a secret to success in IIT JEE and that is no more a secret. The cat is out of the bag and many are trying these tricks to get through the hurdle in one jump. You have been looking for this. Here are the so called secret methods of clearing IIT JEE.

Steps to clear IIT JEE

Your road to the IITs and NITs in is based on the following steps.

  • Syllabus, your Bible: This goes without saying that you need a proper framework for your study and that begins with knowing the syllabus. Your syllabus for IIT JEE is more like the syllabus of your class 11th and 12th. That should relax your mind.
Physics Chemistry Mathematics
  • General Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Thermal Physics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Wave Nature of Light
  • Modern Physics
  • General Chemistry
  • Gaseous and Liquid States
  • Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
  • Energetics
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Solid State
  • Solutions
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Two Dimensions
  • Three Dimensions
  • Differential Calculus
  • Integral Calculus
  • Vectors
  • NCERT First: You already have the privilege of covering all the topics prescribed in your NCERT books. Before you jump or move to any other book or reference materials for your preparation, start with the NCERT Books and then proceed to the rest. NCERT will help in clearing the concept easily which will further help in giving you the clarity of understanding other reference books.
  • Reference Materials: If NCERT is the foundation, reference materials are no less than any foundation. For the vast knowledge on every topic, you should refer to the books recommended by IITians and experts.

Reference book for IIT JEE

For Physics, you can refer to the following books

  • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma (Volume 1 and Volume 2)
  • Fundamental of Physics by Halliday, Walker and Resnick
  • Problems in General Physics by I.E Irodov
  • Universal Physics by Freedman and Young

For Chemistry, here is the list

  • Physical Chemistry for Competition for IIT-JEE  (O.P Tandon)
  • Physical Chemistry for JEE (Wiley)
  • Inorganic Chemistry by O.P Tandon
  • Organic Chemistry by Peter Skyes
  • R.C Mukherjee’s Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

For Mathematics

  • IIT Mathematics (M.L Khanna)
  • Course in Mathematics for IIT JEE (Tata McGraw Hill Publications)
  • Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics ( A Das Gupta)

Self-Study: No hard work will pay you the result if the self-study is not up to the mark. You need to dedicate time for self-study after you have attended your school. This will help to revise the topics better. Maintain self-study hour of three to four hours in the evening and one hour in the morning.

While doing self-study, maintain separate notebooks for formulae, problems and theories. This will be helpful in diversification. Use a highlighter to mark everything that is important. This will help for quick revision later.

Coaching: This choice is optional as students from the rural area might not be able to come to attend classroom coaching every day. But online coaching is getting more attention these days. This can be an advantage for the students from other countries and also the rural areas of India. There is nothing like getting the mentoring from IITians and experts with vast knowledge in the subjects.

Always make sure that you ask question on any topic you fail to understand easily. This should be your habit. If you hesitate, it will stand on the way to your success.

Say Goodbye to Social media: Well, social media has become an addiction for kids of your age. It is fun but getting glued will affect your routine. You must delete all your social media accounts and take an oath of using them after the IIT JEE entrance. You will see the amount of time you get to prepare better. You mind will also not be diverted.

Eat Well and Stay Fit: Eating and Moving are two essential things that need to be taken seriously. If you study all the time ignoring your food and physical activity, you might end up getting stressed. For the food to your mind and body, you need good food as well as physical activity like Yoga, Meditation or a brisk walk in the morning and evening.

Now that you know the secret, get all your energy focused to achieve one result and that is “Success”.

The author Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of, an online coaching platform for IIT JEE, Medical and School Entrance exams.


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