Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene. (Photo: TechObserver)

Hope Microsoft will keep GitHub totally neutral: Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene

With Microsoft Corp acquiring the world's leading software development platform GitHub, there seems to be some apprehension among top executives of various companies about the continuance of the openness of the platform.
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What is GitHub DDoS Attack; here’s all you need to know

Recently, Github was hit by one of the largest DDoS attack ever recorded in history. The DDoS attack lasted only for nine minutes, but the servers were flooded with data volumes reaching almost 2Tbps.
Sean Newman, Corero Network Security

Exclusive: DDoS attack like Dyn, Github are rare but enterprises must deploy automatic DDoS protection, says Sean Newman, Corero Network Security

Attacks on the scale of Dyn and Github are rare – however, much smaller, more calculated, attacks are experienced by thousands of enterprises on a daily basis and these can have just as a significant impact for the target, says Sean Newman, Corero Network Security.
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