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Education Sabha
Education Sabha
Education Sabha
Prime Narendra Modi Speaks At Opening Ceremony Of High-Level Segment At Cop 28 Uae Summit, In Dubai On December 01, 2023. (Photo/Pib)

100-day agenda for new government: Modi 3.0 must revamp Green Credit scheme with dedicated...

One agenda for the new government should be to revisit the Green Credit scheme, establish an institution for speedy and focused implementation, and create a unique technology platform for easy acceptance by all stakeholders.
The Transition To Smart Metering Is A Significant Step Toward Building A Future Smart Electricity Infrastructure In India, Spanning Across Generation, Transmission, Distribution And Consumption.

Role of Smart Metering in Energy Management Systems

As energy prices rise and distribution challenges persist, smart metering offers a solution to alleviate these issues while simplifying operations for businesses.
Leveraging Ai For Regulatory Risk Management

Can AI transform regulatory risk management for transnational corporations

As regulatory frameworks continue to evolve, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a tool that can enhance the capabilities of organisations to manage and mitigate regulatory risks.
Digital Transformation, Saas, Design Thinking

Design thinking must for public sector to drive transformation and global competitiveness

While adopting innovation would help public sector generate new ideas and solutions, design thinking would necessitate a problem-solving approach that is ‘citizen-centric and iterative,’ focused on achieving the desired solution.
During The Covid-19 Period, A Massive Reverse Migration From The “Destination” To The “Origin Place” Took Place Across The Country.

100-day agenda for new government: Address migrant workers’ neglect with comprehensive policies

Political party manifestos neglect migrant worker policies despite their crucial role during COVID-19. Migrant workers, being unorganised and lacking a forum, remain unheard. Nonetheless, the state must create effective policies to address their concerns and establish an institutional framework for comprehensive support.
Cyber Security

How can focusing on human behaviour build a stronger cyber risk-aware culture

A risk-aware culture is critical to the development of a strong cybersecurity environment. We should build a risk culture among management and stakeholders as an added benefit or reward rather than a burden on the firm's personnel.
Robots, Automation, Ai

How AI can enhance your workflow automation

By using AI tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and wearable tech, people can break past old limits, boost their skills, and keep growing and innovating in their workflow automation.
Government Plans To Replace 250 Million Conventional Electric Meters With Smart Prepaid Meters By March 2026

Can smart meters make India energy efficient?

Smart meters have the potential to revolutionise India's energy sector by enhancing efficiency, promoting sustainability, and reducing costs.
Lakhpati Didi

How can India transform two crore women into ‘Lakhpati Didi’

Given the mandate to deliver within a defined timeframe, it is possible to create a self-sustaining pool of 20 million (two crore) women entrepreneurs 'Lakhpati Didi'. This will be a revolution and definitely improve India's ranking in women's employment and empowerment (gender equality) beside a societal transformation at the grassroots level.
Cyber Security

Role of AI in proactive cybersecurity defence strategies

As cyber threats become more complex and scaled, AI's role in bolstering defences will grow, ensuring a safer digital future for both organisations and individuals.
Artificial Intelligence Is Enhancing Network Virtualization And The Sdn Framework

AI elevates network virtualization and SDN framework

The network virtualization landscape of today is characterised by a convergence of advanced technologies such as AI, edge computing, multi-cloud strategies, 5G and a focus on sustainability and user experience.
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