Saturday, January 15, 2022
    Digital Senate 2022
    Digital Senate 2022
    Digital Senate 2022
    Digital Senate 2022
    Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation: Starting too soon can be as damaging as starting too late

    Digital Transformation is a process of purposefully and sequentially shepherding change across business functions without disruption. Starting too soon can be as damaging as starting too late.
    Social Media, Digital Marketing, Mobile Advertising

    iOS 14.5 impact on mobile advertising: Digital marketing world is making peace with it

    While the iOS 14.5 update has had a significant impact on the way developers and marketers’ approach mobile advertising, the results in terms of consent rate opt-ins, SKAdNetwork accuracy and adoption and ad revenue are encouraging.
    Skill Based Education

    Skill-based education must for holistic development

    The education system and teaching methodology should be modified and changed into skill-based learning, so that the students of today, can smartly overcome the challenges of the 21st century and occupy a strong position in their workplace
    Education (Representative Image)

    Reimagining higher education policy for Digital Bangladesh in post-Covid world

    The Covid-19 pandemic has raised significant challenges as well as opportunities for the higher education community worldwide to learn and explore
    Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis

    Explained: Data Analysis vs. Statistical Analysis

    Data analysis and statistical analysis are two branches of data science, where analysis focuses on exploring the data and statistics infers what is beyond the data analysis — the hidden patterns and future opportunities
    National Technology Day

    National Technology Day 2021: Apt time for India to strengthen data management ecosystem

    Today, India celebrates the feats made in the science and technology community on the occasion of National Technology Day 2021
    edge computing, compute, storage, networking

    Explained: What is edge computing?

    The ultimate purpose of edge computing is to bring compute, storage and network services closer to endpoints and end-users to improve overall application performance.
    Explained: What is intelligent automation?

    Explained: What is intelligent automation?

    Intelligent automation is the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) that is used to create smart business processes and workflows that think, learn, and make decisions on their own.
    electric vehicle, autonomous car,

    What future holds for electric vehicle and autonomous cars in new normal

    According to research firm Canalys, electric vehicles may account for half of all passenger cars sold globally by 2030.
    Software for Small Business

    Software for Small Business: Not Alien Terminology Anymore

    2020 has been a tough year for businesses, especially SMBs. Smaller firms, mainly from non-metro cities, had to up their game for sustenance in the pandemic wave
    Shipping, Logistics, Indian Ports, Cargo

    Human resource and skill gaps in logistics services in India

    There is still a huge gap in the industry's demand and supply. To make up for the sudden spike in orders compromises were made in staff onboarding and training, which became evident after some time.
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