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CIOs must prepare digital strategy to facilitate hybrid workplace

The experts agreed that remote work is here to stay, so businesses must prepare for a hybrid workforce management paradigm, while CIOs should prepare to facilitate this new normal.

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To highlight how enterprises are transforming their workspaces through technology in light of the ongoing healthcare pandemic, Tech Observer magazine, in collaboration with and Quadra System, organised a unique on the theme of “Reimagining Workspace Transformation.”

The programme drew around 170 senior CXOs from throughout the country. In their remarks, technology experts and senior industry leaders emphasised the growing necessity of a future-ready workforce enabled by a cloud-based Digital Workspace Platform.

In his welcome address, Tech Observer editor Ankush Kumar stated that the present healthcare pandemic had pushed the digitalisation of different industries. For most organisations, their IT infrastructures have become a critical enabler for maintaining business continuity plans.

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“The pandemic has also served as a reminder that remote employment is here to stay,” Kumar added. Businesses have been forced to accelerate their remote work strategy and prioritise a ‘Remote First' work culture.”

“They recognise that collaboration no longer requires physical proximity; yet, establishing a successful remote workforce demands rethinking where and how teams work, as well as prioritising the deployment of a secure and scalable solution,” he stated.

Building the modern digital enterprise

Bright Augustus, Lead Digital Transformation, , mentioned during the session that many people in commercial organisations today are searching for solutions that may help them gain greater visibility and stay ahead of the curve when developing a digital enterprise.

“That is what Quadra assists organisations in rethinking for the digital age and establishing digital enterprises,” Augustus explained, adding that traditional businesses must transform into digital enterprises in the new normal.

Quadra, he said, could be an enabler of firms' digital transformation journeys because the company is technology agnostic and vendor agnostic. Businesses, he added, must take a 360-degree digital picture of their organisations.

“We have the knowledge and necessary skills with 17 years of experience of delivering digital transformation on the go,” said Augustus, adding that Quadra's Digital Transformation as a service (DTaaS) offers a complete roadmap for building a modern digital enterprise.

Reimagine methods to be more effective in the hybrid work environment

, Chief Data Officer, , stated during his keynote address that when the pandemic struck, almost all businesses were forced to jump on the digitalisation bandwagon in order to support their workforce and keep their businesses running, which essentially meant that everyone moved out of the office building and into their own homes or even the remote locations.

“This required organisations to significantly increase their digital capabilities in order to manage their employees across several locations. The complexity that resulted from this pandemic was far greater than any disruption created by technology or any other measure,” Jayaram explained, adding that the fundamental reason for this was that the preparatory time for the organisation was too short, and the pandemic spread rapidly across the globe.

He emphasised that most organisations, including Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, needed to realign their strategy to enable people to work from wherever they are or want to be.

“As the pandemic recedes and we return to a new normal, technology leaders must reimagine methods to be more effective in a hybrid environment to continue to drive growth, boost team engagement, motivate, and be impactful,” Jayaram explained.

Why Multi-Cloud?

Girish Raja, Staff Partner Solution Architect, Multi-Cloud & Services, VMware India, discussed why organisations adopt multi-cloud.

He stated that applications are driving specific infrastructure choices, as most organisations are currently rationalising their application portfolios.

“Application is one of the pieces that is determining which cloud enterprise wants to adopt,” Girish explained, adding that some businesses are exploring Kubernetes and containers, while others are focusing on DevOps and many are considering a subscription model.

“These factors affect the cloud strategy. Additionally, inside an organisation, applications may be at various stages of development, and IT leaders have recognised that hybrid cloud is the preferable option for the majority of applications to run concurrently and coexist,” he said.

Girish emphasised that VMware can serve as a single trusted partner regardless of the journey a company is currently on. VMware delivers end-to-end On-Premises as well as Cloud solutions that provide a consistent infrastructure experience across all clouds.

Anywhere organisation

Niteen Kelvekar, Partner Specialist Solution Engineer, Digital Workspaces, VMware India, participated in the virtual Bootcamp as a technology expert and delivered a comprehensive presentation on “Secure Hybrid Multi-Cloud Deployment with Modern VDI Platform.”

He stated that the pandemic has altered the way enterprises operate significantly. Before the pandemic, some organisations had some experience with the work-from-home model, but it was a completely new concept for many organisations.

“That is why at VMware, we have been focusing on providing capabilities to our customer's for anywhere organisation model, taking away the complexity associated with hybrid workforce environment,” Kelvekar said.

“VMware has bundled all of the necessary components under end-user computing offering to enable businesses to work from anywhere on the go,” he said.

All of the speakers agreed that remote work is here to stay, and businesses must prepare for a hybrid workforce management paradigm, while CIOs must prepare to facilitate this new normal.

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Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
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