Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Amid corona lockdown, Bangladesh bets on online education

The National Advisory Committee on Covid advised not to open educational institutions unless it falls below 5%, so the government is using online platforms to deliver education

Dhaka — All types of educational institutions are closed for 15 consecutive months. The government has also decided not to open educational institutions if the corona infection is not controlled. Coronary infections currently account for 8%. The National Advisory Committee on Covid advised not to open educational institutions unless it falls below 5%.

The government also wants to vaccinate students before the school opens. For these reasons, no one can say when the educational institution will open. However, many are thinking that it is suddenly opening.

On the other hand, there was no education in the last academic year. The students have passed the next class without knowing anything. Ara is also passing almost half of the current academic year. There is a huge loss of students’ education. So the question now is what will happen if the school is late to open.

Higher Education Ministry officials say more emphasis will be placed on online learning activities to keep students engaged in educational activities if the school is delayed. The current shortcomings in online classes will be addressed. In addition, importance will be given to teaching on radio and television. Arrangements will be made so that all students can watch the lessons through television.

On the other hand, although the government has started online class activities, it has not been fruitful. Most of the students could not watch the class even though it was started on television. Teachers at multiple educational institutions said that initially students were interested in online classes but now they are not. Now attendance is less than 10%.

Understandably, students are losing interest in studying online. Besides, the students of rural areas are absolutely behind. Again, it is not clear what the students actually learned in the name of the assignment by looking at the books and writing in the notebook, and how much the learning result was achieved.

Director-General of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Professor Ghulam Farooq said: “If Corona is not reduced or if it is reduced, we will be assured of three things.”

Online classes, TV classes, and assignments. These three issues will be better emphasized. It will be ensured that all students can take part in this activity.

The officials believe that some people may be losing interest in online dating. Enthusiasm has waned. For this reason, those concerned at the field level have been instructed so that the enthusiasm does not diminish. Everyone should be able to take part in this activity.

The education officials contemplate that the assignment system that was introduced for the students in the last academic year has received a huge response. Everyone has appreciated this initiative.

For this reason, this method will be continued and more importance will be given. Mausi officials said that information was being collected from the field level about the effectiveness of the assignments given to the students and the achievement of learning outcomes.

Professor Nehal Ahmed, Chairman of Dhaka Board of Education, said, “With the opening of educational institutions, our teachers have been given a shared responsibility to find out about those who do not come to school.” Initiatives will be taken to bring parents back to school by talking to them.

Those who were admitted to the first-class last year are going to the second class without learning anything. Five months have passed since the admission to the new class, but no lessons have been learned.

How to fill this gap of students. What will happen in case you have no about the issues. According to the Chairman of the Dhaka Board, they have made a short syllabus for each class. What is not read at all, it will only be taught.


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