Hyderabad police organises cybersecurity hackathon

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In order to develop applications and solutions using emerging technologies such as (AI) and data analytics for strengthening cyber security in the city, Hyderabad city police in partnership with the Innovation Ecosystem has organised a Hackathon.

In the event, besides , the teams were asked to develop solutions for prevention of crimes against women and children, safety on highways, social media and false news monitoring. Another team comprising three students from Vidyajyoti Engineering College developed sensors that can detect people with suspicious movements at any spot on highways. If a person or group of persons is loitering in one particular place, the sensors will send alerts to the police control room and a nearby police station.

Another app developed by a team comprising students of CMR Engineering College, detects if a driver is driving the vehicle recklessly or not following traffic rules. The app named as License Authorization and Driver Safety (LADS) developed using Deep Learning technology sends an alert to the police and locks the vehicle.

Hyderabad city police commissioner Anjanikumar said the Hackathon was a beginning for exploring the various possibilities that Artificial Intelligence can offer in the prevention of crime and accidents.

“One of the four teams short-listed for semi-finals came up with an innovative solution to prevent noise pollution and we declared it the winner. The teams utilized ML, IoT, AI and sensors to find innovative solutions to address various challenges in policing,” said Telangana IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan.

Three runner-ups were awarded cash prizes of Rs 20,000 as encouragement to develop and further refine their solutions. Top 30 solutions offered by other teams were selected for six months of mentorship support by the Hyderabad Police and WE-HUB. Shikha Goel, additional police commissioner, crimes, joint commissioner Avinash Mahanty, Telangana WE-HUB CEO Deepti Ravula and other senior police officers interacted with the participants during the events.

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