You should not have these 22 Android Apps on your smartphone: Here’s why?

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Android Apps with Virus: Despite the tall claims of technology companies, hackers have been able to find out ways to infect smartphone devices. For example, Google Play store has a robust cyber security in place in the form of Google Play Protect which the search giant says ensure that apps on its platform remain secure and virus free but reports and security researches have often find out that hackers have been consistently getting through it.

In a recent study, cyber security firm Sophos claimed that as many as twenty 22 apps, having downloaded more that two million users on the Google Play Store are infected with virus. These smartphone are prone to cyber attack and hacking. Interestingly, many of these Android Apps have non-description titles like Zombie Killer, Sparkle Flashlight, Table Soccer. They have been downloaded more than a million times since they appeared on the store in 2016.

Explain about the trend, Sophos said that it was a year later in march this year, Sparkle Flashlight and 2 other apps were updated to include the malicious Virus that can provide the hacker to access the users phone. The other 19 apps were introduced to the play store with the background downloader at the start, sometime after June this year.

According to various reports, Google has already removed these apps, but only by November this year. But before November attackers were using them to serve ads generating clicks to earn money. Once opened up, these ads would run continuously in background without the knowledge of user, even if tried to close forcefully, draining both Internet data and batteries.

Since these virus provide connection to the hacker, they can also be used to force a smartphone to run harmful code, stealing a person’s data in the process. So if you have downloaded any of these following apps, remove immediately.

Android Apps with Virus

Google has already removed these apps
Google has already removed these apps. (Photo: Agency)

1) Sparkle Flashlight

2) Snake Attack

3) Math Solver

 4) Shape Sorter

5) Tak A Trip

6) Magnifeye

 7) Join Up

 8) Zombie Killer

 9) Space Rocket

 10) Neon Pong

 11) Just Flashlight

 12) Table Soccer

 13) Cliff Diver

14) Box Stack

15) Jelly Slice

16) AK Blackjack

17) Color Tiles

18) Animal Match

19) Roulette Mania

20) HexaFall

21) HexaBlocks

22) PairZap

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