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In an era of relentless digital evolution, businesses are perpetually at risk of cyber threats, leading to an increased demand for cyber business resiliency. Central to these efforts is the intelligent handling of data, strategic workloads, seamless Microsoft 365 integration and the optimization of hybrid IT environments.

Veeam, a global leader in cloud data management, offers state-of-the-art solutions to address these challenges. It enables businesses to efficiently manage data protection through its robust backup and replication tools, facilitating seamless data recovery in the event of breaches or system failures.

Moreover, Veeam’s innovative software provides strategic workload management, facilitating optimal resource allocation, and ensuring critical business processes run smoothly and effectively. In the hybrid IT arena, Veeam promotes agility by unifying public and private cloud environments, enabling organizations to seamlessly shift workloads as required, while ensuring consistent data protection.

With the integration of Kasten, a market leader for Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery, Veeam has further fortified its capacity to provide comprehensive solutions. Kasten's Kubernetes-native capabilities enable businesses to protect, recover, and migrate their application data across any Kubernetes deployment, fortifying business resiliency in the increasingly containerized and microservices-driven business world.


2024 Data Protection Trends Report

Learn how business and IT leaders addressed these issues from shared insights.

Cyber Business Resiliency Survey

Fortifying Business Resilience with Comprehensive BCDR Strategies

Comprehensive BCDR Strategies

Fortifying Business Resilience with Comprehensive BCDR Strategies
Veeam data protection trends report 2024

Read the new 2024 Data Protection Trends report to find out more.


Tech and partnership triumphs in Ayodhya and Lucknow at Veeam ProPartner Summit

Veeam ProPartner Summit 2024 gathered 54 channel partners and 45 organisations for discussions on strategic planning and collaborative initiatives.

Kyndryl, Veeam partner to push business continuity and data protection services

The partnership leverages Kyndryl's managed security services and infrastructure management capabilities along with Veeam's technology to provide customers with data protection, ransomware recovery, cost optimisation, regulatory compliance, and data mobility across cloud-native and Kubernetes environments.

Veeam expands Microsoft tie-up with new 365 data protection solution

Veeam Software has announced an expansion of its partnership with Microsoft, aimed at enhancing data protection services for Microsoft 365 users.

Veeam appoints Beni Sia as general manager and senior vice president for APJ region

Beni Sia will be responsible for overseeing Veeam's business operations, formulating and executing growth strategies, and enhancing the company's presence and market share across the APJ region.

Top 12 tips for CIOs to safeguard organisation’s data

In today's interconnected and digitised world, organisations of all sizes face an ever-increasing threat of ransomware assaults. A recent report by CERT-In states that India witnessed a 53% increase in ransomware attacks in 2022.

Ransomware Impact and Defense Strategies: Insights from Veeam’s Global IT Survey

According to the 2022 Data Protection Trends report, while 76% of organizations had experienced at least one ransomware attack, 24% either evaded such attacks or were unaware of their occurrence.

A Deep Dive into Data Protection Trends Report 2023 by Veeam

The global data protection market continues to expand, with companies striving to adapt and implement modern data protection strategies.

Fortifying Business Resilience with Comprehensive BCDR Strategies

A well-structured BCDR plan can aid organisations in minimising data disruption risks and reducing the time needed to restore operations close to normal in the event of interruptions.

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