Monday, December 6, 2021

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How fintech startups are repurposing IT in new normal

To mitigate the economic impacts, Fintech companies have well equipped themselves to reorient in times of crisis given their agile nature
Hybrid Banking, Blockchain, Banking, BFSI

Hybrid banking to become mainstream in 2021

In a hybrid banking model, financial institutions combine the brick and mortar physical banking approach with virtual banking.
2020 to 2021 - Trends

Views from the Front Row: Startups and research innovation predictions for 2021

In a highly unpredictable 2020, we got a few guesses right with last year’s predictions piece. Here are things I believe we’ll see happen in 2021.

Pandemic has accelerated digital transformation for all sectors

This year, Covid-19 pandemic has transformed and accelerated the pace of innovation in technology like never before
2020 to 2021 - Trends

IT investments must be prioritise to build resilient tech infra

The decisions enterprises’ make from here on, be it their IT systems or data security, should not just reflect the capabilities to stay successful today but also deliver ammunition to fight the uncertainties and threats of tomorrow.
Spice Money

Spice Money grew over 100% during peak 6-month of pandemic

With the Covid-19 induced lockdown, the appetite for digital offerings has risen exponentially across industries in 2020.
Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS to drive public cloud services growth in India

We expect to see huge adoption of DaaS solutions by organizations of all sizes to increase productivity and maximize ROI, while keeping the employee safety and convenience at the core.
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