Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Google issued 50,000 alerts to users on government-sponsored hackings

Google said that it has delivered over 50,000 warnings to users whose accounts have been targeted by government-sponsored phishing or malware attempts thus far in 2021, a nearly 33% increase over the same period in 2020.

Microsoft confirms Chinese malware within gaming environments

The US major has claimed that the malware driver, called ‘Netfilter’, is a rootkit that was detected communicating with Chinese command-and-control (C2) IPs
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‘Cyber attacks hit 52% Indian companies in last 12 months’

About 71% Indian firms admitted that the cyber attacks were serious or very serious attack and 65% said it took more than a week to fix the damage
Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary, MeitY, Government of India

Cyber-attack on 10 Indian electricity assets ‘a problem’, but details remain ‘classified information’

The report by the US company said that the recent military escalation between India and China armies at LAC was behind cyber attack on Indian power installations
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‘Indian state-sponsored group Sidewinder targeted Chinese military’

Recorded Future, which studies the use of the internet by state actors, in its recent report details the campaign conducted by a China-linked threat activity group RedEcho targeting the Indian power sector
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Why cybersecurity threats have increased during Covid-19 pandemic

Cybersecurity industry has never had more significant task to carry out than guarding strategic associations and businesses from digital assaults during the coronavirus pandemic
Symantec uncovers Lazarus Group's use of malware for FASTCash attacks to empty cash from ATMs

Symantec uncovers Lazarus Group’s use of malware for FASTCash attacks to empty cash from ATMs

In another major incident in 2018, cash was taken from ATMs in 23 separate countries. To date, the Lazarus FASTCash operation is estimated to have stolen tens of millions of dollars.
Are you migrating to Cloud? Here is how you can ensure Cloud security

Cloud Migration: Here is how you can ensure Cloud security

Too often, organisations assume a certain level of protection from a cloud service provider and don’t take steps to ensure applications and data are just as safe as those housed in the data center.
Nikhil Taneja, Managing Director-India, SAARC & Middle East, Radware

The Top 5 Malware: Here’s what you can do to defeat them

Despite malware being a pivotal attack vector, companies are unable to defend against data-theft malware running wild in their network.
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Android phishing malware can steal your social networking password without giving slightest hints

Google recently removed 85 apps from the Play Store after it was discovered that they were infected with a malware that can steal social-network credentials from the devices of the users.
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