Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tag: Juspay data breach


Juspay assures customers’ transaction-related data is secure

Bengaluru-based software company Juspay has assured that its customers' transaction-related data is safe. The data compromised in August 2020’s cyberattack on JusPay did not contain any transaction information, and customers' card numbers and passwords remain secure, JusPay said in a blogpost. According to the blog, the data breach was restricted to an isolated system, and only records of non-sensitive masked card information were infringed.  All customers’ full card numbers, order information, card PINs or passwords are secure. The data that was compromised does not contain any transaction or order information, PTI quoted Juspay as saying. Reportedly, 10 crore cardholders’ data was breached in the attack that took place on August 18, 2020. The company, however, termed this as "grossly inaccurate".  The company also said that its merchant partners were informed about the cyberattack and it worked with them to take various precautionary measures to safeguard information. In its blogpost, Juspay also said that it is in close contact with relevant government authorities and the Reserve Bank of India regarding this matter.  The company is engaged with threat intelligence experts and has invested in enhanced threat-monitoring tools. Further, it has also tightened various internal systems access control protocols.
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