June 25, 2021 11:39 am

Tag: Dating

Eustache defines her brand as a tough, straightforward, no games, approach, and users can also expect that same position from LoveTheApp.

Beyond Tinder, happn: Relationship expert Elena Eustache launches LoveTheApp

Dr Elena Eustache has launched a new mobile app called LoveTheApp for users who are genuinely seeking life-long committed relationships or marriage.
Michelle pointed out that, while it is designed for those who live the farming life, Farmder is not exclusively intended for those in the countryside.

Now, Tinder style app Farmder for single farmers: Here’s why it make sense

With an aim to provide a dating app to single farmers who want to date a farmer, digital enthusiast Michelle Li has launched a mobile App similar to popular dating App Tinder called Farmder.
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