May 8, 2021 3:19 pm

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Livecoin exchange faces massive hack, lost control of all servers

In a major cybersecurity breach, hackers have gain access to Russian cryptocurrency exchange Livecoin servers.
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Cryptocurrency Exchange startup CoinDCX raises Rs 100 crore in Series B funding round

The new funds will be used for product innovation including development of a newly launched Bitcoin & Crypto Investment App CoinDCX Go, said a senior executive.

Top cryptocurrencies to watch out for in 2021

Cryptocurrencies have exploded in the last couple of years, and the technology behind them is only getting more advanced.
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Ease of payment key factor in attracting Indian online casino players

When selecting a new online casino, the payment methods work as one of the most important factors for Indian casino players
Before you start investing for yourself, take a look at some of the risks affiliated with Bitcoins. (Photo: File)

What are the risks of investing in cryptocurrency?

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity in recent times. From the insane valuations seen back in 2017 to the recent resurgence of Bitcoins, we can only expect cryptocurrencies to become increasingly popular with time. 
BuyUcoin launches decentralised token called BUC

BuyUcoin launches decentralised token called BUC

BuyUcoin, a cryptocurrency exchange platform and Blockchain Wallet company announces the launch of BuyUcoin Token (BUC) to be established with a total supply of 100 Million Token.
Arbitrade, Leonard Schutzman, Cryptocurrency, PepsiCo, CFO

Former PepsiCo CFO Leonard Schutzman to lead cryptocurrency firm Arbitrade

Former PepsiCo Treasurer and CFO Leonard Schutzman, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, at Arbitrade will now also be its Chief Executive Officer
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Symantec, Sophos, Forcepoint ask Modi govt to invest more in cybersecurity to secure India’s digital assets

Cybersecurity firms such as Symantec, Sophos and Forcepoint have asked the government to adequately focus on cybersecurity to secure country’s digital assets.
Ban on cryptocurrencies and use of blockchain in Budget 2018 is wise move: Rubique

Ban on cryptocurrencies and use of blockchain in Budget 2018 is wise move: Rubique

The decision to eliminate the use of cryptocurrencies and encourage the use if blockchain in payments sector is definitely a wise decision by the government in Budget 2018
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SBI Holdings invests in Wirex to establish Asia focussed JV on cryptocurrency payment

The new joint venture, SBI Wirex Asia, follows a previous investment this year of $3 million by SBI Group in Wirex.
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