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Bangladesh: People reaping the benefits of digital land management

Arab Ali, a common farmer of Champaknagar village in Sadar upazila of Comilla. Seven years ago he bought 32 acres of land. That land was not named

Arab Ali, a common farmer of Champaknagar village in Sadar upazila of Comilla. Seven years ago he bought 32 acres of land. That land was not named

Dhaka — There is no need to look for old documents to protect government property, collect revenue, lease, keep records. People no longer have to rush from one office to another to get land leases including .

The Government field officials do not have to rush to the field to find abandoned land (khas) land. Because, all the services of government land management are available through one app, and this app of digital land management has been launched by the Ministry of Land.

The Land service activities have been going on online on the website for several years. This has reduced irregularities. Revenue collection has also increased at a significant rate. Mobile apps have been created to make online services easier.

As a result, land management is moving forward on the path of liberation from the limitless suffering and harassment of the people through the digital system. And the common man is getting the benefits of digital land management.

Arab Ali, a common farmer of village in of Comilla. Seven years ago he bought 32 acres of land. That land was not named.

By visiting the Durgapur Union Digital Information Center, he can find out how to apply online. He applied online by depositing the prescribed fee. Then you can know the progress of the work through SMS (SMS) on four steps mobile phone.

After receiving the latest SMS, he received the nomination paper from the Upazila Land Office. He did not have to pay a single penny in addition to the fees set by the government.

Arab Ali is happy that the work was completed within 28 working days without bribery, corruption, and harassment of brokers. Another service recipient like him is Faruk Ahmed of Mainamati village in Burichang Upazila of the district.

Owner of 14th-century land at the time of purchase. He went to the local union digital information service center and applied for registration. He also got the service easily without suffering.

Not only Arab Ali or Faruk Ahmed, in the last year, 20 thousand 191 people have received online registration services in Comilla Sadar Upazila. The e-namzari system has revolutionized digital land management.

SM Moniruzzaman, an entrepreneur of Bharasar Union Digital Information Service Center said ordinary citizens are getting land services from the digital center in the villages.

When he went to the land office, he had to be harassed to get services from strangers. We are acquaintances of the villagers. Our service is priced. That's why you don't have to pay extra money. Each online application is submitted as soon as possible.

That is why time is also saved with their money.

Moktar Hossain, entrepreneur of Sadar Union Digital Information Services Center, said transparency and accountability have been ensured with the launch of e-nanjari.

Amin Mahmud Babu, an entrepreneur at the Comilla Sadar Upazila Land Office's land-related e-service center said people who used to come for services used to fall prey to brokers. Now there is no such opportunity.

The suffering of the service recipients has been reduced. It also saves money and time.

Burichang Upazila Land Officer. Shah Alam said that since the introduction of e-namzari in the Upazila in late 2019, an average of more than one thousand applications have been received every month.

Applying online has alleviated people's suffering. Thousands of rupees work is now going to 27 rupees! Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) said: “Shakhawat said that with the introduction of e-nanjari, ordinary people are easily applying from the Union Information Service Center at their fingertips. Getting service without suffering. The land office has been free from corruption. The general public is getting a wide response.

Relevant sources say that the quality of customer service has increased as land management has gone digital. Reduced corruption and consumer suffering.

Necessary documents including volumes, records, and pamphlets, designs are now being properly stored. It used to take months to pick up the pamphlets, but now it takes a week. It used to cost one thousand to fifteen hundred Tk to get a pamphlet.

Leaflets and designs are now being picked up there for only Tk. 27 For this, one has to apply in the Information Cell of the Deputy Commissioner's Office on the green paper prescribed for the leaflet or the design along with the court fee of Tk. After application, time is given to withdraw the leaflet from the branch for 7 days.

It is learned that the e-mutation (naming) service was launched by the Land Reform Board and the A2i program of the Prime Minister's Office to build a digital Bangladesh.

You have to go to the Union Information Service Center and apply online with the prescribed two hundred Tk. Then the online application and documents go for the report of the Union Land Office.

The report of the Union Land Office goes to the Assistant Commissioner (Land) for hearing. At the end of the hearing, the government has to deposit Tk 1,150 in the bank. At each step, the customer is sent an SMS from Teletalk's 16345 number. The last step is to confirm the e-namzari information.

Applications are disposed of within a maximum of 28 working days. After receiving the SMS, the applicant can collect the nomination papers from the Upazila Land Office.

As a result, the service recipients do not have to suffer from bribery, corruption, and tyranny of brokers.

Note that land is a basic and natural resource that is very important for our daily livelihood.

The land is constantly being needed for housing, industrialization, urbanization, road construction, and other development works of the growing population. A huge amount of land is also being lost in the riverbed.

Due to these reasons, 1 percent of the total land in the country, or about 82 thousand hectares of land is declining every year.

Therefore, the government is constantly working to ensure the planned use and management of land to keep the ongoing development activities of the country moving.

To digitalize land management, the present Awami League government has reformed the old land laws of the British, Pakistani, and military regimes and enacted new laws to meet the needs of application and development of information technology.

Newly enacted Land Crimes Act to prevent land fraud and miscellaneous crimes, Land Use Act to ensure the protection of agricultural land and planned land use, Land Development Tax Act to provide free online land rent for harassment, Land Reform Act to ensure maximum productivity of the land.

Rules have been enacted to make the process of land acquisition more transparent and people-friendly, including taking steps to amend the law to eliminate complications in the management of the vested property.

Harassment and delays in the land office are notable for broker violence, forgery of documents, and conventional analog service practices. One of the ways to eliminate these irregularities is the automation of services.

To that end, all types of land services have been automated by coordinating with similar services of other ministries through high-quality interoperable software.

Now, if you have the required documents, you can apply for e-namjari online at home.

One of the most important proofs of land ownership is the khatian or pamphlet, which is required at the time of purchase or sale, or transfer of land. As the records are very old and dilapidated, it has become difficult to store them in the record rooms.

Especially since the CS records are so old that they are getting damaged, the ones that are there are so weak that they can't be caught or manipulated. So about 4 and a half crore ledgers have been digitized.

Citizens can now view their land records online from anywhere in the world and collect them online subject to payment of necessary fees. You can also pay land development tax or rent online without any harassment.

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