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From luxury to necessity, how smartphones change the way we use technology

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slowly entered society as a luxury, such that it started owning it as just an accessory. Then it gradually became a necessity and a must-have. Now, owning a smartphone is not the issue, but the exact type one is using is what matters. What is a Smartphone? This is a full-featured that comes equipped with a personal computer's functionality. 

We can say that smartphones' evolution came due to the speedy and steady improvement of technology from time to time. The evolution of smartphones has, in countless ways, revolutionized the world at large; from the youngest to the oldest, all age groups have been impacted one way or the other. 

Therefore, with its evolution, there are different kinds of smartphones; iPhones, Android devices with various brands that produce them regularly, from apple to Huawei, Infinix, Tecno, to mention a few. Like I mentioned earlier, smartphones have revolutionized our lives, how this is possible to be briefly below. 

With the aid of smartphones, technology is brought to the doorstep of everyone who owns one. The internet is one feature integrated into the Smartphone that has given us access to the whole world right at our fingertips. There is hardly anything you want to research on, inquire about, no matter how tiny of a detail it is, that you would not find online, through your Smartphone. The internet is accessible when you have data or you have access to WiFi. WiFi helps you connect to a internet connection. 

Your cell phone is a communication device, a mall, a social network, an entertainment center, a cinema, and anything you want it to be. Smartphones are also referred to as Mobile devices; thus, they can be taken anywhere and everywhere. In fact, it is because of the technological features of mobile phones that brought about the name, Smartphone. With mobile devices come mobile applications that enable us to do lots and lots of things. One of the features is the ‘qwerty' keyboard. QWERTY keyboard is the layout, and it enables everyone to send text messages, type, search and surf the internet, etc. 

Smartphones have also revolutionized our lives in the aspect of . Social Networking has made it possible for all and sundry to have access to different people worldwide. It has played and is still playing a key role in smartphones' success because, with social media, people can share all sorts.

We can now share pictures, videos, data, and exchange information very easily. Social media has developed into different variations, ranging from Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat, Thriller, Twitter, and others. Gambling is a whole new world due to online casinos that now exist on smartphones; you can check out sites like for beautiful deals!

Therefore, the combination of smartphones and social media brings about massive exposure positively and negatively. Take, for instance, parents and children that are not in the same location, or long-distance relationships that ended up working out. Smartphones have forever revolutionized the world of dating. Before smartphones came to be, people hooked up at parties and gatherings, but with technological improvements, we now have a variety of dating apps that people register on to find love and have fun!

With smartphones, shopping has become easy and straightforward because one can order form anywhere and get the items delivered to your doorstep. Online shopping is the day's trend, and you can shop with details of the product in mind. There are online sites that give reviews on products such that everyone can now do informed shopping.

The impact of Smartphones in our lives and society at large is not to be quantified or underestimated because a lot of things have been made possible as a result of that.

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Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
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