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Oracle OpenWorld: Oracle Data Cloud launches new SMB data solution for B2B marketers

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: Data Cloud has launched a new SMB data solution that it says will help B2B marketers reach over 115 million IDs at more than 1.5 million small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with effective digital campaigns. The new solution focus on account-based marketing (ABM) for sales outreach to contacts at small and mid-size businesses.

“Most data and tools for digital B2B marketing have focused on large companies while ignoring the millions of smaller companies who make up the vast majority of US businesses,” said Niraj Deo, vice president, product & data Strategy, Oracle Data Cloud.

“This SMB data solution levels the playing field for B2B marketers so they can identify, reach, and manage their sales and marketing programs for both large organizations and the smaller businesses who can drive their growth. By combining their own CRM data with Oracle's syndicated and custom segments, B2B marketers can use advanced account-based marketing capabilities for this massive, but underserved, universe of SMBs,” he added.

Using Oracle Data Cloud's (ODC) SMB solution, B2B marketers can build digital audiences to match their marketing goals and business needs, based on criteria ranging from a number of employees to financial risk profiles, growth patterns, accepted payments, e-commerce capabilities, and past purchases.

“Cisco has a strong focus on enabling SMBs in their digital transformation initiatives; this is a key pillar of our marketing and sales programs,” said Alex Montuschi, global audience manager of Cisco Corporation.

“As we innovate and create offerings meant for SMBs, we see increasing need to reach SMBs already in our CRM systems, and such capabilities will help us increase our reach across small as well as large accounts,” Montuschi added.

The SMB data solution launched by Oracle Data Cloud includes:

Self-Service Syndicated SMB Audiences: Marketers of all sizes can use Oracle Data Cloud's data marketplace to build their ideal SMB audiences at scale, then activate those audiences across every major platform and the open web.

Custom SMB Audience Capabilities: Enterprise B2B marketers can build custom SMB audiences by onboarding their own first-party data or CRM files, then use Oracle data to find other relevant contacts at the same companies. By integrating this data into their digital marketing efforts, B2B marketers can use the same powerful ABM tools for outreach to both large companies and smaller businesses.

SMB Digital Channel Marketing: Marketers can maximize their returns on partner market development funds that are spent on joint SMB marketing campaigns by utilizing Oracle's Data Management Platform (DMP), digital channel marketing capabilities and custom SMB audiences.

“We are excited to partner with ODC on its new SMB solution. ODC has enabled unique use cases based on our commercial data capabilities, which in turn, will help marketers launch successful SMB programs,” said Krista Panoff, vice president, digital partnerships & business development, Transunion.

Oracle's SMB solution is designed to meet the needs of B2B marketers in major industries, including retail, automotive, consumer packaged goods, financial services, technology, telecommunications, and manufacturing. The foundation for Oracle Data Cloud's new SMB solution is its existing B2B audience marketplace, the industry's largest source of B2B data. Also it uses the Oracle ID Graph, a unified identify platform, to help make programmatic and data-driven B2B marketing easier.

“Our research shows that B2B buyers, including those in SMB segments, leverage digital interactions throughout the buying decision process,” said Christina McKeon of leading industry analyst firm SiriusDecisions.

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Shalini Shukla
Shalini Shukla
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