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Andhra Pradesh explores Hyperloop transportation system for connecting Anantapur to Visakhapatnam

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The government of Andhra Pradesh is exploring the possiblity of using Andhra Pradesh explores Hyperloop Transportation Technologies for connecting Anantapur to Visakhapatnam.

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The government of is exploring the possibility of using Andhra Pradesh explores for connecting . On Monday, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies presented the pre-feasibility route study to the state Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) and other nodal state departments.

HyperloopTT has associated with Aarvee Associates of Hyderabad to prepare the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies. To the government, the company has proposed setting up the Hyperloop Transportation system connecting Anantapura-Amaravati-Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam as part of (around 700-800 kilometer) integrated Public Transit system.

According to company officials, the entire project is conceived to be implemented in 3 phases. In Phase I&II, A commercial Hyperloop System between Amaravati and Vijayawada will be built. In Phase III, A commercial Hyperloop System covering either northern or Southern section of the vision corridor connecting Anantapur-Amaravati-Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam will be built. However, Phase II & III are interchangeable and can be implemented at the same time. The Phase I alignment will be located in either Amaravati or in Vijayawada city running East-West on a 5-10km straight section to showcase the benefits of the system to the stakeholders and the general public.

The company has also proposed setting up a manufacturing complex that will focus on several aspects of the Hyperloop TT project, such as; building the Tube, capsule, the track, and 3D printing.

“The proposed capital city of Amaravati would house 3.5 million people and create 1.5 million jobs. The plan also proposes 9 theme-based cities within the capital city to serve as the hub of activities serving unique functions and employment generation along with complementary functions. Given the population of 3.5 million people, the total travel demand for the city is estimated to be around 4 million motorised trips by 2050. In addition, 10% of these trips will be commuter trips to other parts of AP. Another 10% of trips will come from floating population who travel into the city for various purposes. These totals to approximately 800,000 daily commuter trips. To support this requirement, there is a need for a sustainable high-quality robust mass transportation system,” said Ajay Jain, Principal Secretary, Energy Infrastructure, and Investment Department.

“The Government of Andhra Pradesh has tasked the Economic Development board (APEDB) to accelerate the inclusive economic growth of Andhra Pradesh and make the state an example of sustainable modernisation and economically competitive on the world stage. We are currently evaluating future-ready technologies that will aid us in achieving the same. We appreciate the pre-feasibility presentation made by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and look forward to the feasibility study,” said J Krishna Kishore, CEO, Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board.

Bibop Gresta, Chairman & Co-founder concluded the presentation by saying, “The Hyperloop TT system is an emerging form of the ultra-high-speed ground transportation system that moves people and freight. By undertaking this project, Andhra Pradesh and India would signal their desire to create a globally competitive region fuelled by ultra-high-speed mobility that is environment positive, energy efficient and sustainable. HyperloopTT designs its systems to generate revenue and create employment opportunities and does not depend on costly government subsidies, unlike other transportation systems. We are thankful to the government of Andhra Pradesh to have given us this opportunity and thrilled to present the pre-feasibility study that provides a high-level overview of the Hyperloop TT system compiled on local information and data. The report will help the government assess its next move into the next phase of a full HyperloopTT feasibility study”

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is a transportation and technology company focused on the Hyperloop, a system that moves people and goods at high speeds safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Founded in 2013, HTT is a global team comprised of more than 800 engineers, creatives, and technologists in 52 multidisciplinary teams, with 40 corporate and university partners. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, HTT has offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE; Bratislava, Slovakia; Toulouse, France; and Barcelona, Spain. HTT has signed agreements in California, Slovakia, Abu Dhabi, the Czech Republic, France, Indonesia and Korea.

The meeting was attended by senior government officials including, Ajay Jain, Principal Secretary, Energy Infrastructure and Investment Department, J Krishna Kishore, CEO, Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board, Dr. Sreedhar Cherukuri, Commissioner, Capital Region Development Authority, and N Balasubramanyam, Transport Commissioner amongst.

The HyperloopTT team was Bibop Gresta, Chairman & Co-founder, HyperloopTT, Joel Michael, India Head, HyperloopTT and Dr.Sabih Khisaf, Head of Engineering (Middle East & North Africa), Hyperloop TT.

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