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PTC invest in Industry 4.0 research at IIT Delhi to push smart manufacturing in India

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To promote research and innovation in the field of in India, American software technology firm Parametric Technology Corporation () launched its technology suite at IITD-AIA Foundation for Smart Manufacturing (FSM) at . The new investment in research at IIT Delhi is being made in partnership with IIT, FSM and government initiatives (SAMARTH UDYOG). The innovation at IIT Delhi will focus on Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, said the company.

To address the challenges that are faced by the Indian manufacturing industry due to disruptions caused by innovation in technologies, the Government of India initiative under SAMARTH (Smart Advanced Manufacturing & Rapid Transformation Hubs) UDYOG mission, Automation Industry Association has set up a fully integrated Smart Manufacturing and Learning Facility for SMEs at IIT Delhi.

The Foundation for Smart Manufacturing (FSM) lab set up (Cyber-Physical Lab), is supported by extensive skill building, MSME consultancy, multi-academia partnerships and research that will give a huge to the competitiveness of Indian Manufacturing. It's a collaboration with PTC solutions ensures that the industry has access to the latest digital technologies to enable Indian manufacturing companies, said the company.

IIT Delhi plays an important role in this collaboration as they are enabling students with the right skill set. Both discrete and process industries are assured that they have access to the right skill set that can enable them to become more innovative and efficient.

“IIT Delhi is a globally ranked Indian Institute of Eminence, well known for the quality of its faculty, alumni and students. We are now aggressively connecting with industries and working closely with startups in order to bring relevance to our research and impact the society that we are in. We hope to have a deep engagement with PTC involving our faculty and students,” said Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi.

Automation Industry Association said that the collaboration between FSM and Automation AIA has helped bridge the gap between the manufacturing industry and access to the technologies that will guide them in the right direction towards becoming globally competitive.

“FSM is a unique partnership amongst Indian Industry-Academia-Government. We are building competency across several Industry 4.0 tools and services and developing affordable engagement services to accelerate the digital transformation and growth of Indian manufacturers,” said Prof. Sunil Jha the Director of FSM.

As the industries are embarking on their digital transformation journey, manufacturing excellence and workforce productivity will prove to be critical differentiators for companies.

“We have brought in best-in-class companies that serve both the discrete and process industries. We are well poised to integrate a full array of technologies; comprising of Smart Sensing, Factory Floor Actuators and Controllers, and Industrial Software and Communication platforms,” said Anup Wadhwa, Director, AIA.

“IIT Delhi, being one of the most prestigious institutions for engineering and technology is perfectly suited to educate an upcoming generation of engineers. We hope this collaboration between IITD-AIA Foundation for Smart Manufacturing and PTC for a Transformation Centre will enable companies in India to realize their true potential and become a global powerhouse,” said Stefano Rinaldi, SVP & GM of Western Europe and India, PTC.

Kalyan Sridhar, Vice President & Country Manager, PTC said that this collaboration will ensure that “India is set to be the 5th Largest Manufacturing Country by 2020. Embracing Industry 4.0 is crucial for Indian Manufacturing Companies and PTC is proud to be part of this initiative and thus enable companies to become globally competitive.”

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