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National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
Tech ObserverArticleHow technology saved online gaming during pandemic

How technology saved online gaming during pandemic

The world was badly affected by the pandemic. Flights were cancelled, social interactions were prohibited, and businesses, including casinos, were closed. It was weird knowing that all of these existed but are not accessible. It was frustrating as people can't even be close to one another during these tough times.

It is in this busy age that the world is forced to move indoors. In order to survive, one will have to stay inside. Everything, as in everything, should be made indoors – eating, working, as well as playing.

Indeed, it is with technology that we should all be thankful for. With it, people were able to stay in touch with one another even when they are miles away. Some jobs were also sustained because they could be done online. Gladly, a lot of people also found their sanity as they switched to playing online games.

Online casinos

Online casinos definitely show a lot of similarities to the actual one. It started to exist on the internet a few years back and had gained popularity since then. With a myriad of games, prizes, and winning possibilities, people were able to enjoy playing with their chances without the need to step out of their house.

As comfort became a primary benefit of online casinos, players would need not to worry about being stuck at home and missing out on the fun. As the pandemic blew over, people missed actual casinos badly.

With the help of websites like Casinodays and other similar sites, players were given the chance to enjoy gaming on their best spots at home since the world outside is just full of closed establishments. Gladly, people may have seemed to enjoy this innovation as it beams with tons of bonuses and rewards for their players.

How they work

Apparently, even actual casinos are heavily reliant on technology. Of course, slot machines cannot function without a certain technology that enables it to produce random symbols every spin. Although card games and table games may not require the use of technology in the actual setting, they definitely need it when it comes to their online broadcasts.

It is understandable that it is also with technology that online casinos are made possible. With that, here is a closer look at how these games actually work.

Slot games

As earlier stated, slot games work with the help of certain technology. The same one is being used in the online version in order to produce wonderful games that are being enjoyed today. The technology being used to make this possible is called the Random Number Generator or the RNG.

The RNG works in such a way that they assign a value to each symbol that is placed on the reel. Every time the lever is pulled or clicked, the RNG will stop and come up with a combination of symbols. Should it be the winning combination, then the machine will know how much value you deserve to win.

Some people think that the RNG is just being triggered once the lever is pulled. That is actually wrong. To debunk that misconception, we would like to state that the RNG continuously arrives with random symbol combinations even when no one is playing. This is because of the fact that it was really designed to produce countless combinations 24 hours a day.

Table games

Other things which you can enjoy with online casinos are live and digital table games. There, players can enjoy the same gaming experience and feel it as though they are really there.

In a similar manner, the digital version of table games also makes use of the RNG. This works for random card combinations and dice results. With that, players can still be entitled to receiving random results on their games.

Meanwhile, live game broadcasts are also made possible by a certain software that game developers use. Somehow similar to the Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the program being used here translates all the small details to useful data that both players and developers will understand.

Live table games are also a bit more complicated as they require a lot of special equipment to make each broadcast possible. With that, here are some of the stuff that will be needed to make broadcasts happen.


Since actual dealers are the ones who facilitate the live games, players will have to see all of their actions. With the help of the cameras that are set inside the studio, players will be able to see everything that takes place in the game.

This is really important for the game because the cameras serve as the players' set of eyes on the table as their chosen game takes place.

Game Control Unit

The GCU is a small box attached underneath the table in which the game is being played. This unit is the most important equipment in a live game broadcast as it is the one capable of transmitting the game data that can be understood by the computer.

Aside from that, the GCU is also the one responsible for accepting the bets of the players. It is also the same thing that enables the live chat function between players and dealers.


True to its name, this thing makes game developers be able to monitor what will come out of their broadcast. It is also in the same monitor screen that they get to read the messages of the players as they play.

Game developers

As there are countless online playing sites on the internet like Casinodays, it is guaranteed that all of those have many games on their roster. All of these sites are being provided by trusted game providers who make these games happen.

With the help of these developers, players will be presented with different variants of the much-loved games. Aside from that, players will also be able to have access even on games that have just been released.

Overall, they are very important to complete our online experience in casino gaming.

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National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023

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