OnePlus likely to foray into wearables market in India

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There are big things ahead for smartphone maker in India. The company continues to expand in the country and it is looking to continue developing its product range as well as increasing its workforce.

According to reports, OnePlus aims to triple its research and development workforce in India, to around 1,000 over the next couple of years. The Chinese based manufacturer has made major inroads into the tech world in India recently having diversified into the television market while continuing to expand its smartphone base.

Why OnePlus is veering away from foldable phones

The smartphone industry has been looking towards the development of foldable phones recently. This is an understandable development given the appetite for larger screen size. Video fans, gamers and online casino enthusiasts look to larger smartphone screen sizes in order to improve their viewing and gaming experience.

However, there is some doubt as to whether foldable phones are really the way forward. The technology has so far been less than enthusiastically received by users. Against this background, OnePlus has decided against entering the foldable smartphone arena at present.

Concentration on wearables and

The immediate aim of OnePlus is to concentrate on providing seamless connectivity for device users, having consideration of IoT and how this makes connectivity happen. With this in mind, the company is exploring the possibility of creating a wearable in the near future. This development is likely to further expand the reach of OnePlus in the country. It is also likely to be a main focus of the increased research and development workforce.

Another potential focus for the Indian research and development team is the company’s development of its capabilities. This is an essential aspect of its ongoing development work.

Will OnePlus ever change its view of foldable phones

Currently, OnePlus is all about connectivity and IoT. It seems likely that this will continue to be the case. However, the company has not completely ruled out developing an interest in the foldable phone market in the future.

Right now, executives believe that there is no value in taking this route. This situation may change if the technology surrounding foldable phones continues to develop and improve. If this happens, there is potential for OnePlus to rethink its priorities.

The expansion of the research and development workforce for OnePlus in India provides more opportunities for developers in the country. According to the company’s current priorities, their work is likely to be centred on improved connectivity through concentration on IoT, wearables and 5G.

While the company has no interest in developing a foldable phone at present, it has not ruled this out completely. As with any reputable smartphone and mobile tech developer, OnePlus will continue to monitor public appetite for devices. It will use this knowledge to inform its priorities going forward.

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