: Govt should earmark 10% of tech budget for cybersecurity

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Rakesh Kharwal
Rakesh Kharwal
Rakesh Kharwal is Managing Director for India/South Asia and ASEAN at Cyberbit

The initiative has done a remarkable job and as 2.0 gets contemplated, the focus of the government should be to build superior trust in technology.

It must earmark at least 10% of the technology budget for cybersecurity initiatives. The government must add stimulus to the market segment and the economy at large. Perhaps, a good way of doing it can be to include simulation-based cybersecurity training solutions like Cyber Range in the Skill India campaign.

We also hope to see more provisions for academia to spend on new technologies like cyber range and expand their facilities to help students with exposure to real-time applications. It will help in addressing the gap of more than one million professionals in the Indian cybersecurity industry while also aptly positioning the segment for the ripe global market

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