eHealth: Software Advice by Gartner ranks Praxis EMR number one in usability
Praxis ranked first place after a review of 140 Electronic Health Records systems. (Photo: Agency)

by Gartner, the research and advisory company featuring online reviews of Electronic Heath Records, ranked EMR number one in usability. ranked first place after a review of 140 Electronic Health Records systems, earning the best overall score in Usability and the highest User Recommended score.

Software Advice’s FrontRunners uses real reviews from real software users to highlight the best software products to help small businesses make more informed decisions about what software is right for them. Praxis EMR placed higher than all other EHRs evaluated with the survey’s top score of 9.8.

Rather than relying on cumbersome templates that mimic the old paper chart, Praxis EMR uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology called Concept Processing that learns from each provider to document progressively faster and smarter. Praxis learns from each provider regardless of specialty, training, or experience.

“To be rated number one at Software Advice shows that Praxis’ focus on EHR usability has paid off,” said Doctor Richard Low, CEO of Praxis EMR. “This is further proof that the old paper paradigm is no longer applicable to modern medicine. In fact, templates contribute to physician burnout because they waste hours of valuable time and result in poor documentation. When physicians are spending twice as much time with their EHR as they do with patients, something is definitely wrong.”

“Thanks to EHR interoperability, more and more physicians will be allowed to use Praxis,” added Doctor Low.

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