Shutterfly migrates core applications and more than 75-petabyte image library to AWS Cloud
Amazon Web Services (AWS) said that Shutterfly is moving its infrastructure to AWS. (Photo: Agency)

Amazon Web Services () said that is moving its infrastructure to AWS. is migrating all of its core production applications and its more than 75-petabyte image library to AWS, and is continually building new cloud-based applications. ’s next-generation platform is also being developed on AWS, where it can leverage a wide range of AWS services, including machine learning and analytics, to deliver a more streamlined customer experience.

“We evaluated all the major cloud providers, and chose AWS for its unmatched security, reliability, and breadth of services which allowed us to quickly migrate key assets, build cloud-based applications, and run our core services with ease,” said Satish Menon, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Shutterfly. “We are especially excited about using AWS’s machine learning services. For example, we are currently experimenting with Amazon Rekognition for image classifications and metadata enrichment and Amazon Cognito for identity services. The cost savings we expect to see by running on AWS will enable us to put more resources towards innovation and developing our next-generation platform.”

“Millions of customers turn to Shutterfly’s lifestyle brands to help them make memorable moments last a lifetime,” said Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS. “We are excited to deepen our relationship with Shutterfly, enabling them to allocate more of their valuable resources towards the development of new, cloud-based applications that deliver even more value to their customers. Their all-in approach will allow them to continually drive innovation with speed and at scale as they leverage our broad range of services, including machine learning capabilities, which work in parallel with the AWS storage, database, and compute services already driving their business.”

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