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Goa lawmakers approve new gambling extension for casinos

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The Indian market is undergoing significant transformations, as the authorities are taking the necessary steps towards legalization. There is a growing interest in online games nationwide and international gambling operators such as Roulette 77 ready to cater to all their needs. In anticipation of these significant reforms that will make it possible to legally play online roulette on platforms like, the state cabinet has approved a new extension period. This will apply to six offshore casinos, and it will permit them to stay in the River Mandovi until the end of March 2020.

The final decision still pending

This is great news for Indian gambling fans, as well as the casinos mentioned above that provide them with access to popular games. It is, however, just a temporary measure, and the extension will eventually have to be replaced by a more permanent solution. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has reaffirmed the commitment of Goa authorities to closely look at this matter and come up with a final policy decision. This leaves the case open to interpretations, but at least for the time being, the road ahead is wide open.

The gambling industry has invested massively in operations nationwide and is counting on the authorities to pass clear laws. These extensions only give a short period of three spines, during which the operators can make certain adjustments. The Goa state cabinet will still have to consult ministers and MLAs before reaching a final decision, which is going to be a time-consuming process.

A brief period of respite for casinos

There were clear indicators that the offshore casino operators would relocate from the River Mandovi. The proposed destination was an area between Coco Beach and Aguada, but in the wake of the latest expansion, this won't be necessary. Casino operators and the Indian players are still counting on the Indian government to regulate online gambling nationwide. With a few notable exceptions, this activity is prohibited in the country, and gaming fans are hoping that things will change for the better in the future.

In the absence of a clear legal framework, some companies are taking advantage of the uncertainty and lack of clarity. They operate in the so-called gray areas and provide players with gambling options disguised as other services. The authorities are not unaware of this situation and have decided to move against such practices. The passing of proper legislation would also benefit players who prefer certainty and the option of playing in complete accord with the law.

Unexpected support from the LCI

The Law Commission of India has drafted a long report in which it explains why legalizing online gambling would be beneficial. One of the obvious advantages of such a move is that by legalizing online gambling, the federal government could generate more revenue. Instead of allowing shady gambling operators to prey on unsuspecting players, they could legalize the activity and tax it appropriately. This is being done by dozens of governments worldwide, and Indian authorities would benefit as well.

In recent years, there has been growing interest in this issue, yet staunch opposition from influential groups have slowed the progress. Interactions and pivotal moments in Indian policy have also impacted the measures that would've otherwise sped up the legalization of gambling. Even though it is still too early to anticipate the moment when online gambling will be legal in India, the wheels are set in motion. Once proper laws pass, gambling extensions such as the one mentioned above will be rendered unnecessary.

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