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Logitech Sight AI Camera review: Solving inclusivity challenges in hybrid work

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Logitech Sight AI Camera promises to enhance inclusivity in hybrid meetings. Working alongside Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, this AI-powered camera captures multiple perspectives, ensuring remote employees feel 'at the table'.

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Pandemic has transformed the world of work dramatically, shifting towards a more hybrid model. This shift has given rise to a new challenge – ensuring equal participation and inclusivity for both remote and in-office employees in meetings. To address this, launched the Sight AI Camera, aiming to solve the disparity between hybrid teams.

Before the Sight AI Camera, options for video conferencing from Logitech were plenty including the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. While these devices served their purpose for video meetings, the experience for remote employees was somewhat lacking, often leading to a sense of exclusion. Around 43% of remote employees reported not feeling included in hybrid meetings, signifying a pressing issue in the hybrid work landscape, according to the Work Trend Index Annual Report.

The Sight AI Camera has been specifically designed to tackle this issue. It works in conjunction with the Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to capture the best perspective of meeting participants and track conversations as they move around the conference room. The goal is to provide remote workers with an “at the table” experience, thereby enhancing their participation and engagement in meetings

Logitech Sight AI Camera

The is a tabletop device designed for use in meeting rooms. It is built to work with Logitech's Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini, with the goal of capturing various perspectives of meeting participants and tracking conversations in a conference room setting​.


This camera features dual 4K cameras and seven beam-forming microphones. The company states that these features allow the camera to capture both verbal and non-verbal interactions during meetings​.

Logitech plans to add a feature called Smart Switching in the future. This function will allow the camera to automatically switch between the tabletop camera and the front-of-room camera based on where the conversation is happening​.


The Logitech Sight is designed to work with popular video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. These platforms' hybrid-friendly meeting layout features are supported by the Sight camera. Additionally, Logitech Sight is backward compatible with the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini​.

Installation and Management

The camera comes with mounts and offers integrated cable management. Management of the device is performed via the free Logitech Sync software, a cloud-based interface that allows for device monitoring, updating, and troubleshooting​.

Additional Features

The Sight camera is designed to work alongside other Logitech products like Scribe, Rally Bar, and Rally Bar Mini. It is also expected to enhance the functionality of the RightSight 2 Speaker View feature​.


The Logitech Sight is partially made with post-consumer recycled plastics and low-carbon aluminum. The packaging is sourced responsibly, as part of Logitech's sustainability efforts​, said the company.

Will it bridge the inclusivity gap in hybrid work?

The Logitech Sight AI Camera is a device for meeting rooms, designed to enhance the experience of both remote and in-person participants. With features such as dual 4K cameras, seven beam-forming microphones, and upcoming Smart Switching technology, it provides a variety of perspective options for capturing meetings. Its compatibility with popular video conferencing platforms, easy management via cloud-based software, and commitment to sustainability are other noteworthy aspects of the product.

By incorporating AI technology inspired by the art of filmmaking, it utilises multiple camera angles and intelligent direction to bring remote participants into the physical room, facilitating a more inclusive and immersive collaboration experience​.

Additionally, it integrates with leading video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, making it easier for remote participants to engage with in-office colleagues using hybrid-friendly meeting layout features like Zoom Smart Gallery and Microsoft Teams' dynamic view​.

Therefore, the Logitech Sight AI Camera is indeed intended to bridge the inclusivity gap in hybrid work by addressing some of the key challenges faced by remote participants in hybrid meetings.

Logitech Sight AI Camera Price and Availability

The Logitech Sight will be available globally in mid-2023 with price of Rs 3,37,550.

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