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Data Center: A quick guide to selecting the right carrier neutral facility

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Colocation data centres present a wide range of benefits and services to client businesses and save them the cost and hassle of maintaining their own IT infrastructure. It's not an easy task to select a data centre provider for your company. You need to consider factors such as cooling capabilities, rack deployment density, power availability, server space, and other things offered by each colocation facility. From smart monitoring tools to physical security, many features need to be analyzed. Among these decisions, an important one is whether the data centre is a .

Introduction to Carrier Neutral Data Centre

A carrier neutral facility offers physical and virtual space where organizations can store and manage their data servers and infrastructure. These enterprises execute their entire service-based offerings through data centres. They don't have to worry about building and maintaining their infrastructure but can use their IT resources for important tasks, including innovation and research.

A carrier neutral facility does not depend on a single internet service provider (ISP) and presents a wide range of connectivity features to its clients. The connectivity options are boosted by direct links to cloud services to facilitate high performance. Read on to learn useful tips on how to choose the right carrier neutral facility for your business.


The data centre should have reliable redundant power to maintain server functionality even during outages. Carrier neutral redundancy is thus important here. It's advisable to use two carriers so that if one breaks down or fails, you can quickly shift to the other one to preserve business continuity.


In a data centre, ISPs have the chance to provide multiple connections and services to clients which is a big boost to their business. But they need to maintain high-quality service as a client will quickly shift to a competitor if they are not satisfied with the service quality. Client companies have varying needs and while some require basic connectivity, others that use IoT () and streaming content services need extra bandwidth. In a carrier neutral facility, companies can select the ISP that best meets their demands.

If a client company is stuck with a single carrier, they can be affected by factors such as low bandwidth, poor reliability, and price increases. If they wish to change the carrier, the client would need to pay the cost of shifting to another data centre. Your business can avoid these hassles and expenses by selecting a carrier neutral facility the first time.

Reduced Risk of Data Loss and Downtime

It's important to securely preserve and maintain your confidential business data and a carrier neutral facility plays an important role in this. It can prevent the loss of your critical information and also avoid expensive downtime. Businesses need to avoid downtime as it can impact sales, affect customer relationships, and reduce the number of future contracts due to failure in meeting obligations. Thus, data loss and downtime can cost a company heavily.

A carrier neutral facility is a solution as it allows you the choice of multiple carriers who can deliver secured uptime and varying services levels that can meet or exceed your company's requirements.

To gain the above advantages, you should select a carrier neutral facility that uses advanced technologies and offers commodious, scalable, efficient, and fast colocation services. The best part is with a carrier neutral data centre, you are not tied to any one ISP but can choose from several providers according to your needs and .

is a leader in the colocation and services market in India. They operate 16 advanced data center facilities with over 2.5 million sq. ft. in eight cities. The company is committed to offering its clients a sophisticated data centre infrastructure built for maximum security and efficiency.

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Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
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