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Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
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Palo Alto Networks to run Application Framework on Google Cloud

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Google partnered with in 2017 to focus on the cloud security especially for those enterprises who were looking to move to cloud. A year after, both the firms said that they are expanding that partnership.

As part of the expanded partnership, now the Palo Alto Networks will run its on . The Google said that services such as BigQuery will help Palo Alto Network's Application Framework customers accelerate time-to-insight as they work to detect and respond to security threats.

In this agreement, Palo Alto Networks will also run their GlobalProtect cloud service on Google Cloud Platform.

“This partnership makes us a Google Cloud customer, allowing us to run important cloud-delivered security services at scale and with the benefits of Google's and analytics expertise,” said Varun Badhwar, SVP Products & Engineering for Public Cloud Security at Palo Alto Networks.

“We'll also be working with Google Cloud to offer organizations moving to Google Cloud additional visibility, compliance and security capabilities they need to prevent cyberattacks,” he added.

The entire line of Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls, both physical and virtualized, support standards-based IPsec VPN connectivity to ensure a secure
connection from on-premises to Google Cloud. In addition, GlobalProtect cloud service provides secure connectivity to GCP as a service, removing some of the
operational burden associated with firewall deployments.

Palo Alto Networks VM-Series virtualized firewalls protect and segment cloud workloads in GCP to safeguard against internal and external threats and can be deployed
directly from the GCP Marketplace.

Panorama network security management provides unified management of both physical and the VM-Series firewalls deployed on-premises and on GCP. Customers can create
policies once and enforce them everywhere.

Traps helps secure the operating system and applications within workloads on GCP. A lightweight host agent deployed within the cloud instance detects any zero-day exploits and ensures the integrity of the operating system and applications. As attackers uncover vulnerabilities, the agent-based approach can provide protection until organizations are able to patch cloud workloads.

Through in-line protection provided by Palo Alto Networks firewall appliances or GlobalProtect cloud service, organizations can understand SaaS usage and build
policies to help control risk exposure. They can complement the robust security capabilities in G Suite with the Aperture SaaS security service, which offers
additional options for protection of data at rest as well as ongoing monitoring of user activity and administrative configurations.

Through extended partnership, enterprises using Palo Alto Networks offerings on-premises will have an easier path to move to the cloud while leveraging their
existing security investments. Organizations who run on Google Cloud will have easy access to security functionality from Palo Alto Networks with enhanced capabilities
available only on Google Cloud.

“We are pleased to see Google Cloud and Palo Alto Networks strengthening their partnership. Security is a top priority for Broadcom, and we depend on both organizations to help protect our networks, infrastructure, data, and applications,” said Andy Nallappan, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Global Information Technology for Broadcom.

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