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Explained: The fields of application of artificial intelligence

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By looking into how artificial intelligence is being applied today, we can also train and challenge our minds to see how it can be applied in the future

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You might actually struggle to find any competitive segments of industry nowadays that aren't heavily influenced or affected by . It doesn't matter what the nature of the service or product might be. It doesn't matter what kind of business model or impact metrics an organization might use. Artificial intelligence is really changing the way that both individuals and institutions function on a daily basis. This fact is true whether you realize it or not. Artificial is just so potent in its power that it's applied in so many ways that affect all of our lives.

With this article, we will be taking a closer look into all of these different applications to really learn more about the impact of artificial intelligence. Perhaps, by looking into how artificial intelligence is being applied today, we can also train and challenge our minds to see how it can be applied in the future for the development of society. This is especially true for the realms of efficiency and productivity.

Data Gathering

One of the biggest ways in which artificial intelligence is affecting society is in data gathering. Every day, computers are learning to track and graph the behaviours of people. Now, this might seem like such a troubling concept to many. However, it does help society in a number of different ways. By learning how people behave, machines are able to determine how they can better serve us in our daily lives. Think of your smartphone. It's continually learning how you use it and from that, it's able to serve you better the more that you use it.


One great example of the power of artificial intelligence is how Google constructed the camera on their Google Pixel smartphones. Google's flagship phone could never stand up to the flagships of Apple and Samsung in terms of its camera hardware. But because of the sophistication of its software, the phone was still able to produce amazing photos that could rival those of the other manufacturers. It was able to do this all because of software that could teach itself how to take better and better photos every time.

Customer Service

These days, many customers and consumers can have entire conversations with a bot without even realizing it. This is the case for many companies that use artificial intelligence as a customer service tool. They have sophisticated pieces of code and programming that respond to queries from customers. It's incredible the amount of detail and nuance that these programs are able to understand when it comes to conversational communication.


eCommerce is also one aspect of the industry that has been greatly impacted by artificial intelligence. These days, with sites like Amazon and Alibaba, it's so easy to just go shopping without having to ever leave your house. Think of the last time that you were scrolling through Amazon for a specific item. Haven't you ever found it weird that the site would then suggest a similar item to you that would catch your attention? That's artificial intelligence at work. It's trying to figure out what you're looking for and it suggests possible alternatives for you.

Consumer Behavior

You may not realize that artificial intelligence is also impacting the way that companies monitor consumer behaviour. One great example of this is the artificial technology that is being used on online and live casino sites. One aspect of the casino industry that many governments and regulatory bodies are trying to address is gambling addictions. Some casino sites actually have artificial intelligence software that tracks their consumer behaviour to try to see if they are showing signs of developing an addiction toward gambling. These serve as mental health and safety protocols that are being enforced by the site.


Artificial intelligence is also vastly important in the world of cybersecurity. Every day, more and more cyberthreats are sprouting up online. But the world's best cybersecurity institutions are able to use artificial intelligence in beefing up their defences. These machines essentially teach themselves to be more resilient in guarding against hacking, malware, and other potential internet threats.


The day of cars driving themselves is no longer something that we have to wait for. It's already here. Tesla has been leading the way with its innovative car manufacturing moves lately. Artificial intelligence has a lot to do with that. Cars are now able to manoeuvre and operate themselves with minimal human intervention. This is the amazing power of artificial intelligence and the impact that it has on transportation.


Haven't you ever found it weird when you just search for a random thing online only to have it pop up as an ad on a YouTube video or on Facebook? That's not by accident. Artificial intelligence is able to learn more about your browsing habits so that it can help companies find their target markets and consumers more efficiently. It might be creepy to some, but it's definitely changed the game when it comes to commerce.

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