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Infosys to announce new company COO by Dec

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The current company COO Pravin Rao will be stepping down soon, and December 11 will be his last day in the company

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Indian tech giant has announced that its Chief Operating Officer Pravin Rao will be retiring in the third quarter of the current fiscal and the company will announce a new corporate structure soon.

According to the top tech company, it has ‘a very strong' set of leaders within the company and asserted that it does not foresee any challenges in the upcoming top-level transition and succession of the role.

“We have already put together what we look into in terms of our structure, we will announce it internally in coming weeks. And then we will obviously communicate that outside. So very soon you will get to see what that is,” Salil Parekh, the and MD of Infosys said.

Rao will be stepping down soon, and December 11 will be his last day in the company. “We have a very strong set of leaders within the company, so I am extremely confident that we will have a structure that will work for our clients and for our business,” Parekh said.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Rao has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the entire portfolio of the company's offerings. Rao at present oversees the key functions of global delivery and business enablement.

Rao has over 35 years of experience. Since joining Infosys in 1986, he has held a number of senior leadership roles including Interim Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure Management Services, Delivery Head for Europe, and Head of Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Logistics and Life Sciences.

He was inducted on January 10, 2014, as a member of the board. Rao is a member of the Stakeholder Relationship Committee and the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board.

On Infosys' plans to bring employees back to the office, as more and more people get vaccinated, the company said globally about 97% of employees are still working from home; the numbers vary across geographies.

Starting July, both in the US and India, Infosys had opened up its offices, and employees were allowed to come in on a voluntary basis, with stringent protocols in place.

Infosys said, “we will probably now start looking at things in a much more formal manner. In October in India, we are requesting all the senior leaders to come to office at least once a week.”

“We are also requesting them to have several interventions for employees at least once a month so that we have a larger population coming to the office, and based on the feedback and outcome we will fine-tune the process and figure out what will happen in subsequent quarters,” Rao said.

India's second-largest IT services company, Infosys has reported a better-than-expected 12 percent rise in its second-quarter net profit on more contracts from global businesses, a reason that also led to it raising its annual revenue outlook.

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