The augmented reality headset designed to help the visually impaired see, , has been launched in and . eSight 3 is a sophisticated low vision glasses which helps visually impaired to actually see.

eSight 3 uses a high-speed HD camera and two OLED displays, video is processed algorithmically to enhance contrast and quality, which allows users with vision issues to better see the world around them. It's a fully portable device, with roughly six hours of battery life that's controlled using an attached remote.

Company said that with eSight 3, those living with low vision can experience a dramatically improved quality of life, and can independently engage in many professional, academic or personal activities the way the sighted can. eSight 3 is a wearable, hands-free solution that provides sight without the need for any surgery, said company.

Company informed that eSight in Australia and New Zealand will be represented by two distribution partners, who will bring the technology to clinical locations in the region. The Royal Society for the Blind was the first organisation to bring eSight's technology to Australia via its Adelaide location. Designs For Vision Pty Ltd. will deploy its staff of vision specialists throughout Australia and New Zealand, said company.

The device has been priced at $10,000 apiece. As per report in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the company has been able to sale roughly thousand unit.